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Wedding Table Numbers
Micki M. of Raleigh, NC writes...

My daughter got married on the beach (2.5 hours away) in April 2010. At the wedding reception, held inside, we had 4 x 6 photos on top of every table with the table number on the outside and 20+ photos of the bride, groom, and family inside. Family came from out of state to attend the wedding. 4 x 6 Collages were created of each family coming to the wedding and included in the pictures at their table. Collages of the groom and his family were included for the bride's family tables and collages of the bride and her family were included for the groom's family to view. A collage of the proposal, the wedding showers given for my daughter, and her process of finding her wedding dress were included so everyone could be included in the engagement and pre-wedding process.

 PHOTO BOOKS / MicheleTPhoto.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
What Is It? Book
Michele T. of Eau Claire, WI writes...

This year I am working on a "What is it?" book for my grandson. I have been taking macro photos of common, everyday objects and then taking regular photos of the same object. I will put the macro shot on one page and the regular shot on the next page. It has been so much fun finding things to use and then testing the before and after photos on my husband and daughter. My grandson is 8, and I am so excited to present it to him. He will love it!

 PHOTO BOOKS / JenWPhotoBookPhoto.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Memory Book
Jen W. of Collinsville, IL writes...

The 10th anniversary of my grandmother's death is coming up, and it's been really hard for my mom, my aunt, and myself. We know time does not heal all wounds and we want to remember her forever. Recently I've secretly dug through old photos of her (which there are few) and scanned them onto Snapfish. I've created a book about her life and included quotes throughout. I am very excited to give my mom and aunt this little treasure of memories.

 PRINTS / AdrianaHPhotoFather_Web.jpg PRINTS -
Father’s Day Gift
Adriana H. of Miami, FL writes...

Find a childhood picture of your father when he was your child’s current age. Pose your child with a similar outfit and in a similar setting. Place both pictures side–by–side in a double photo frame.

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 PRINTS / PriscillaLFathersDay_Web.jpg PRINTS -
Father’s Day Gift
Priscilla L. of Jefferson, GA writes...

Last year for Father’s Day I ordered my Dad an 8x10 copy of the last picture taken of him and his dad together and framed it for him. My family loves pictures, and Snapfish makes it so easy to share and order pictures.

 FLIP BOOKS / RickiKFlipbook_Web.jpg FLIP BOOKS -
Mother–Son Memories
Ricki K. of Greensburg, PA writes...

I was feeling sad because my son couldn’t be here with me for Mother’s Day. So I made a flipbook of photos from the last 5 years that he lived in Virginia. Our son had invited my husband and me to various activities such as visiting Mt. Vernon, the White House, the Smithsonian Museums, and DC monuments. The book reminded me of the fun times that we had together. Memories come back so quickly with photos.

It was easy to upload the photos to Snapfish and to use the template for the flipbook. I choose a neutral gray background because I wanted to showcase the photos. It was easy to add captions, to change the order of the photos, and to preview the project. I am not very artistic, but this book is a treasure. Snapfish lets you explore your creativity.

 PHOTO BOOKS / DebKPhotoWedding_Web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Parents' Wedding Album
Deb K. of Burton, MI writes...

My parents have passed away. I recently started to scan their lovely wedding album from 1955. As I was trying to think of how to share this with my sister and brother, Snapfish came to mind. I have since started to create a "NEW" wedding album for my siblings to have as a memory, all while keeping the original album intact! The custom cover photo book is coming along so beautifully that I could not wait to share the idea. I will also share to Facebook, as so many of my mother's large Italian family and I share photos and stories. The idea that I can save the book in my projects and work at my pace is wonderful! Thanks again for the ability to create a lifetime memory to share with my family.

 PHOTO BOOKS / NancyKPhoto_Web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
The Old Neighborhood Photo Book
Nancy K. of Lake Shawnee, NJ writes...

What do you get your parents when they are in their seventies and eighties, don't want for anything, and don't need anything? This past Christmas, I gave each of my parents a photo book of their "old" neighborhoods as they were then and now. I was lucky enough to find some old photos of at least one of the places where they grew up. Then I took a whole day and visited each of their neighborhoods as they are now. I went up and down their streets and took lots of photos of homes, their old schools, the town hall, etc.

What a hit! Since my parents are getting on in age and my Mom is disabled, traveling there themselves is not possible. But this way, they could pore over the pages for hours and hours and take it all in.

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 PRINTS / DeniseSPhoto_web.jpg PRINTS -
ESL Photo Flash Cards
Denise S. of Bloomington, MN writes...

An ESL teacher is using photos of everyday objects and animals that I took to make flash cards to help children of any language learn the English word for that object or animal. She came up with the idea to help when there are children of different speaking languages in the same class. I brought her the photos, but the possibilities are endless of where you can go with this. You could do this for a small child who is learning to speak. Using real pictures is so much better than a drawing to have them relate to.

Teen Wall Décor
Anna K. of Virginia Beach, VA writes...

A few years ago we provided a digital camera to our now 14 year-old daughter. Her innocent and curious eyes captured the most interesting subjects in both nature and inanimate things, such as angles of buildings, macro shots of rain drops on a fuzzy leaf, nearly microscopic bugs on the petals of a flower, glistening ripples on the mud exposed during low tide, etc. Some of these were so wonderful, that we blew them up in size and used them to decorate the walls in her room. She proudly explains them to her friends when they ask about them.

 PHOTO BOOKS / MichelleDPhoto_web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Disney Autograph Book
Michelle D. of Stroudsburg, PA writes...

I combined photos of my daughter's favorite Disney characters and their signatures in a photo book. I had one daughter get their autographs on a notepad we had and they both posed for a photo. Once I was home, I scanned in the autographs and made a custom autograph book as a keepsake. This was especially nice since I could customize each page with a color that corresponded to the character and change the layout to fit the photo and corresponding autograph(s).

 PRINTS / AlexisSPhoto_Web.jpg PRINTS -
Family Tree Flower Pot
Alexis S. of Scotch Plains, NJ writes...

I made this flower garden for my aunt when she turned 90. I painted a clay pot from the craft store blue and white to replicate the sky and yellow for the sun around the top. The tray under the pot I painted green for grass. I used half of a Styrofoam ball and painted that green and stuck it in the pot. I cut out the faces of all immediate family members and cut out flowers, butterflies, caterpillars, a snail, etc. from fun foam. I put the faces on each flower/bug and decorated with glitter glue. I taped/glued each flower or bug onto a pipe cleaner and stuck it in the painted Styrofoam ball. For my aunt's husband, parents, and siblings, who had already passed, I put their pictures on clouds. Married couples shared one flower, and each of the kids had their own flower or bug. This activity could be modified to any size. One small pot and one flower with picture for a Mother's Day gift from a child, to as many as you can fit. Very easy, but time consuming if doing a larger pot.

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Personal Calendar Holiday Gift
Lee Ann D. of Irvine, CA writes...

At the beginning of each December, I make three 12x12 calendars (one for each set of grandparents, and one for my husband) for Christmas gifts. Each calendar includes various pictures of our two daughters (ages 11 and 14) with the person receiving the gift (for example, with their father). I like this gift idea for many reasons. First, it helps me keeps my electronic pictures organized, so that each December I am not scrambling through all my photos. It also means that I make sure to take pictures of our daughters with those family members throughout the year. And the recipient of the calendar enjoys it every day for an entire year.

 PRINTS / LeahFPhoto_Web.jpg PRINTS -
Family Photo Cards
Leah F. of Saint Augustine, FL writes...

I have several young nieces and nephews. They LOVE photographs. I think that this has something to do with the fact that we store pictures on the computer now. Most people are guilty of not printing their digital photographs after taking them. As a gift, print several pictures of the young children in your family along with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Laminate the pictures and give them to the children in a box or place them in their stocking. They will love the pictures and will learn to recognize family members who are far away. I decided to glue card stock on the back of the pictures with names for extra durability. Having the names of family are nice if the children are learning to read.

 GROUP ROOMS / TracyCGroupRoomIdea_Web.jpg GROUP ROOMS -
Class Yearbook
Tracy C. of Tiburon, CA writes...

I created a group room for my preschool class. I posted all of the pictures I took from special events, science classes, and holidays. I invited all of the parents to view each album posted to the group room. The parents loved seeing all the pictures and I invited them to print any and all the pictures they wanted too. At the end of the year I made a commemorative book to remember the school year.

Scrapbook "Previews"
Ricki K. of Greensburg, PA writes...

For my scrapbooks, I create one collage for each city as a "preview" to each section of my photo album. For each collage, I use a black background and select 5 or 6 photos to represent each city. The names of the city and year appear above each collage. This is easy to do on Snapfish! Now at a glance everyone knows where these photos were taken and when.

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 PHOTO BOOKS / JeanGPhotoBook_Web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Brownie Troup Memories and Fundraiser
Jean G. of Nassau, Bahamas writes...

My 9-year-old daughter recently got officially enrolled in Brownies/girls guides, along with about 35 girls during a very well attended ceremony. Some parents had either forgotten their cameras or did not have one, and as I was avidly shooting pictures of the entire ceremony, I was asked by numerous persons, including the guide leaders, to e-mail pictures to them. While I was uploading my photos, I noticed that Snapfish was running a sale on memory book albums. I created a memory book online with captions of the entire ceremony. Using the program for the ceremony as a reference, I inserted the best photos that I had for each part of the ceremony ensuring that there was good representation of all the girls. I selected an appropriate background and used the photo edit and cropping tools to enhance the photos. Some pages had 1 large photo while others had 2-4 photos.

I suggested to the leaders that I order a set quantity of memory books of the ceremony in two sizes which they could pay for and re-sell to parents as a fundraiser for the guide company. They loved the idea, and we started with about 10 books in 2 sizes priced to make a small profit to buy supplies for my daughter's Guides company. The parents loved the memory books and they sold very well. Even those who had taken their own pictures bought the Snapfish memory books I had created! We made back the cost of the books and then some. I have now been dubbed, "the official photographer" for the guide company!

 PRINTS / KathleenSPhotoGiftTripScrpbk_Web.jpg PRINTS -
Gift and Trip Scrapbook
Kathleen S. of Media, PA writes...

Since kids seem to always forget who gave them what, my sister-in-law thought it would be a good idea if every time we give our granddaughter gifts for her birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc., that we take a picture of each item. We started a scrapbook of all the items that we give her, and we also take pictures of all the places that we take her. One day when she grows up, we will give her the scrapbook, and she will have fond memories of her childhood.

 MUGS / DebKittelMugshot_Web.jpg MUGS -
Mug Shots
Deb K. of Burton, MI writes...

I found another thoughtful idea to implement Snapfish's wonderful gifts. Your photo mugs are such a personal way to "gift" someone special. When a guest comes over for a visit and I offer them a drink, I go into the kitchen to pour their coffee/tea and return with their OWN MUGSHOT! (A mug with their photo on it.) It has been fun, and everyone gets a good laugh. My cousin Kathy recently had surgery. I added text to a mug and took it to the hospital and brought her a drink in it. SURPRISE! I will continue to look for unsuspecting thirsty guests.

 COLLAGE CARDS / JennyDPhotoCollageCard_Web.jpg COLLAGE CARDS -
Wedding Thank You Notes
Jenny B. of Florence, KY writes...

My husband and I were recently married on a cruise ship in Miami. Most of our friends and relatives were not able to attend or cruise with us. Rather than use store-bought thank you cards, I made a 5 x 7 collage card with 12 images. Snapfish is set up to be very user-friendly, and in about an hour we had a custom thank you with fun snippets of our adventure to share with those who could not attend. We plan to create hardbound books for all of our 900+ photos. We can't wait!

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 PHOTO BOOKS / LauraPofOttawaPhoto_Web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Thank You Books
Laura P. of Ottawa, Ontario Canada writes...

Before our last summer vacation, I was trying to decide on a special thank you gift to leave with all of our hosts and hostesses. I thought about making a special photo book for everyone when we returned home. So when I took pictures during our vacation, I thought about the book I was going to create. It was so easy to make the book. I uploaded my pictures, selected the ones that I wanted to share, and added captions. I was able to individualize each book with different backgrounds and picture sizes on each page. Another great thing was that I sent the books directly to each person (this saved me money because I didn't have to ship them to myself and then re-mail them) and they were personalized to share the memories we created together on our trip. Everyone loved them.

 SNAPSHOWS / JudyPofFLphoto_Web.jpg SNAPSHOWS -
Quilt Display
Judy P. of Indian Harbour Beach, FL writes...

I recently created a Snapshow of my quilt photos and shared it with my quilting friends. They loved it. Then I went a step further and suggested to my quilt circle that we create a Snapshow of our "Show and Tell," which we do every Quilting Bee session, 2 times a month. I will name it "QUILTSHOW AND SHARE." I hope it catches on.

 PHOTO BOOKS / JenniferWofFLphoto_Web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Non-Photo Photo Books
Jennifer W. of Jacksonville, FL writes...

What to do with cards, mementos and other memorabilia? Turn them into 'photo's and put them in a photo book. I started scanning birthday and anniversary cards, and other items like love notes to my husband and including them in my photo book. It takes scrapbooking to the digital era. This way I can admire our anniversary photos along with the cards and notes we wrote each other all in one book. It also allows me to get rid of less important cards because I have a virtual copy of I only keep the extra-special cards. I've eliminated about a box worth of old items that I wanted to remember but was taking up valuable room in my closet. Tip: Scan the inside, outside and if necessary the back of the card so you have all the memories in a digital form. I also scan the envelope when it's been decorated with sweet notes or pictures.

 PHOTO BOOKS / DonnaRPhoto_Web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Family Reunion Recipe Book
Donna R. of Hartland, MI writes...

I put together a combination recipe and photo book from our family reunion. I asked family members to bring some favorite recipes to the reunion. From there I put together a photo book using some of the recipes and included some old black and white family photos along with pictures from the reunion itself. The old pictures were scanned onto the computer and uploaded to the Snapfish site. I then loaded pictures from the reunion into Snapfish and arranged them using the photo book feature. I used an assortment of colors and page formats throughout the book. I then typed the recipes in, and composed a dedication page at the end of the book. When it was finished, I shared the project with the family via Snapfish so they can order a book if they like.

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Birthday Poster
Karen C. of Indianapolis, IN writes...

I took photos of old trains at the train museum in French Lick, Indiana; some were digital and some were 35 mm. I had my 35 mm film developed by Snapfish, so my pictures were already on the Snapfish website, and then I uploaded some of my digital pictures. I selected a few of the pictures I liked best and had them arranged using the Snapfish Poster program. I added and deleted photos and had the photos rearranged a few times until I had an arrangement I liked best, then placed my order with Snapfish. I then purchased a 20x30 poster frame and framed the poster when it arrived. A very easy and labor free craft, Snapfish did all the work and the result was beautiful. I gave it to my grandson for his 6th birthday in October, 2008. It is hanging over his bed and he still talks about it.

 PHOTO CARDS / AngeliaPhoto_Web.jpg PHOTO CARDS -
Thank You Note
Angelia R. of Des Moines, IA writes...

I used the 4-picture photo card at the time of my father-in-law's death. In his 91 years, he touched many people. I was looking for something that I could use to say thank you to many different people he had known. I choose pictures from his life that were important -- his favorite childhood picture that he carried in his wallet, a photo from when he served in WWII, a photo of him as a chef (his trade), then just being dad in his later years. Then when you opened the card, I printed his full name, birthday and date of death, with a short thank you and our names, which left the other side for us to write a more personal note. This also gave his family and friends something more than just the regular generic card. This was one of the greatest gifts I could have given back to his family and friends.

 NOTEBOOKS / KelliJoPhoto_Web.jpg NOTEBOOKS -
Kid Sketchbook
Kelli Jo A. of Fremont, WI writes...

In Snapfish, make a notebook with plain paper. I used my nephew's photo and placed it on the front and then titled the notebook, "Adam's Drawing Pad." I then used the farm animal theme as the background, however, there are many other themes to choose from. I then gave him some markers and crayons with it as his own sketch pad. It is a "quiet toy" that he can take anywhere with him to doodle on. He loved it!

 FLIP BOOKS / NatalieBPhoto_Web.jpg FLIP BOOKS -
Baby Body Flip book
Natalie B. of Liberty Township, OH writes...

I love making books on Snapfish! I made a flip book for my daughter when she was 6-9 months old with cropped pictures of her. I cropped her eyes, nose, ears, mouth, etc. and I also added pictures of her cousins and friends so we could work on the names of her facial features and her friends. I think it made it easier for her to learn because they are pictures of her eyes and she would say eyes and point at her own eyes. Flip books are easy to make and great learning tools as well as beautiful keepsakes.

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Family Yearbook
Ann G. of Hudson, NH writes...

My New Year's resolution was to not only make a photo book about the year 2008, but to ask family members to write the highlights of their year. I asked family members to upload their favorite family pictures into a Group Room on Snapfish and write a small paragraph about the special things that happened in 2008. I am now composing the book that members can then order. They also have the freedom to add more pages for their own book or subtract sections they are not interested in having. I hope to do this each year so that we will have a history of important events of the Pinard Family members.

Family Memories from Afar
Deb K. of Burton, MI writes...

My sister moved to Texas from Michigan when her daughter, my niece, was a toddler. I have tried to keep in touch between visits with photos. She just turned 13 last week! I had collected photos of my family, her cousins, and even had my sister email me current photos of Celeste and her kitten. My parents, her grandparents passed away recently, and I have photos my sister did not have. So once again, it was Snapfish to the gift-giving rescue. I made her a birthday Photo Book full of memories, old and new. With your shipping set-up and free gift card I had it sent directly to Texas! She loved it so much.

 MAIL-IN FILM / MitchGPhoto_Web.jpg MAIL-IN FILM -
Birthday Slide Show Movie
Mitch G. of Chicago, IL writes...

I wanted to create a video for my mom's surprise birthday. The only catch is that she hates to pose for, or see, pictures of herself. So I bought a bunch of disposable cameras and mailed them to her friends. I included return envelopes for Snapfish that were tied to my account so it wouldn't cost them. I asked them to take pictures holding up signs with message to my mom. In all, I ended up with dozens of rolls of film. With Snapfish, I was able to download the pictures I wanted to use, and I put them together into a slideshow movie. She had no idea it was happening, and her friends were dying to see what their pictures would be used for. Her friends really got into it, and she was blown away by the result. The particular services and options Snapfish provides were perfect for my project.

 PHOTO BOOKS / LauraOPhoto_Web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Wedding Guest Book
Laura O. of Grand Forks, ND writes...

For my wedding guest book, I made a picture coffee table book with one picture on each page and set it out for guest to sign and leave a note. One book was full of pictures throughout my husband and my dating years and then the other book was of our engagement pictures. I had many compliments saying that it was neat to see how we had grown together.

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Calendar Holiday Gifts
Niwa G. of Prosser, WA writes...

I love taking pictures throughout the year. After I upload my pics to Snapfish, I go to my projects, where my calendar is saved, and apply the pictures on the day that it happened. I also include birthdays with the picture of that person on their birthday. On the top part of the calendar I add the really special pictures along with a cute caption. I start my calendar in November and add pictures till it is full. By this time it is time to order for the holidays. It only takes a few minutes to add pictures and the nice things is you can pick and choose themes, layouts, and save as you go. This has been a big hit with family and friends!

 PRINTS / TabithaRPhoto_Web.jpg PRINTS -
Canvas Photo Art Project
Tabitha R. of Kittanning, PA writes...

Canvases are a great way to use your pictures in craft projects. You can purchase inexpensive art canvases in various sizes. Enlarge pictures or use many 4X6 prints depending on your canvas size. Decorate the canvas just as you would a scrapbook page. You can paint it or use cardstock or pretty papers to embellish it. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. It is a great idea to seal it with Mod Podge, then once it dries attach your pictures with glue dots. A few different canvases clustered together on a wall is a creative way to display your pictures in your home. They also make wonderful gifts.

Birthday Treasure
Micki M. of Raleigh, NC writes...

My daughter was invited to the 13th birthday of her good friend. We made a photo collage of pictures of my daughter and friend taken over the past 5 years of their friendship, when we moved into the neighborhood. The girls have been swimming together on our neighborhood swim team since it began 5 years ago. There was a picture of them in their team swimsuits the first year and a recent one five years later. When her friend opened the framed photo collage, she was thrilled (as was her mother) to see the collage of pictures included. Seeing the evolution of growth and development was also thrilling to them.

 PRINTS / CindyBPhoto_Web.jpg PRINTS -
Photo Soap
Cindy B. of St. Petersburg, FL writes...

Glue a photograph (I used wallet-sized) onto a bar of soap. Melt canning wax in a small empty can, which is melted in a pot of hot water. To make the picture waterproof, quickly pour the melted wax onto a paper plate and dip the soap and picture into the melted wax. Do this several times and let it dry. Now you have soap that you can give as a Christmas gift, birthday gift or any other kind of gift. It's great for grandparents!

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Photo Matching Game
Anja M. of Bethlehem, PA writes...

I took photos of all of my kids' friends and cousins, made collage prints, and then printed two copies of each card. I laminated the playing boards and cards. Now my kids have a truly personalized matching game they can play two different ways: one is traditional matching, the other is sibling matching. When they pick a card, they match the face to his/her sibling. I made extra sets and gave them as gifts to all of my kids' playgroup friends.

Year Highlights Calendar
Laurie P. of Barnegat, NJ writes...

I went through all my Snapfish folders beginning with January of the present year. For each month moving forward through December, I took one or two photos of an activity that my family and I did, and I assembled them into a collage calendar for next year. It's the best way to capture and remember all the fun things we've done! I titled it, "Most of the fun things we did in 2008, but not all!"

 PHOTO BOOKS / NatashaBphoto_Web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Family Story Book
Natasha B. of Madison, MN writes...

I always love to make personalized gifts, and Snapfish is an awesome website for this! My mom just recently reunited with her long lost set of twin sisters at the age of 44, which means that my whole family got to meet long lost aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. We all stayed at a luxurious house in Breckenridge, Colorado and spent a week together. Since I am a pic fanatic and always think "What can I do with my photos on Snapfish?" I started to take candid shots of the whole family so that I could make a photo book for each family at Christmas. I organized it by family and made up a little story of how life was good before we met each other but how much more wonderful and amazing life is all together!

 COLLAGES / LauriePPhoto_Web1.jpg COLLAGES -
Pet Collage
Laurie P. of Barnegat, NJ writes...

Make a collage of your family pet. My 7-year-old son is always asking me for photos of our cat Fluffy. I decided to put a collage together as a Christmas gift. I can hardly wait till Christmas when he sees it! Here's how I did it: I put all photos of our cat into a Snapfish folder, along with any photos of my son holding his cat. Then I began to put the collage together on Snapfish! It was that simple!

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 PRINTS / SarahSPhoto_Web.jpg PRINTS -
Crafty Magnets
Sarah S. of North Logan, UT writes...

Have the kids be crafty and unique with one-of-a-kind presents from them. I buy cheap magnetic sleeves for pictures, insert a print, and then let the child decorate it with fun stuff. You can use just about anything -- cotton balls, glitter, anything. They make perfect gifts for Grandma and Grandpa.

 GROUP ROOMS / KarlaEPhoto_Web.jpg GROUP ROOMS -
Holiday Memories
Karla E. of Bloomington, MN writes...

With the holiday season around the corner, don't forget to put pictures on the to-do list. Each year at our Christmas party, I have taken a picture of each of the families attending. While everyone mingles, I print out one hard copy of each guest with a "thank you for coming written" on the back. I post each picture until the family departs; then I send it home with them. This year I look forward to creating a group on my Snapfish account so families may go in a purchase additional copies of those attending or events that took place throughout the evening. Happy Holidays! HO HO HO!

 SHARED PHOTOS / CarolynBPhoto_web.jpg SHARED PHOTOS -
Vacation Scrapbooking
Carolyn B. of Marysville, WA writes...

My girlfriends and I go on crafting cruises together and share our photos on Snapfish so that we can get different views of the same vacation spots. Needless to say, our scrapbooks are more complete now, and we get to relive the experience when the pictures come in the mail.

 FLIP BOOK / TinaFPhoto_web.jpg FLIP BOOK -
Shapes and Colors Flip Book
Tina F. of Woodbury, MN writes...

My idea is to make a flip book of baby's family and some basic shapes and colors to help her learn. Simply take and develop photos of family and familiar items and place them in a flip book (the Snapfish small flip book would work). Label the photos and let baby have fun. The book will help baby recognize important people (grandmas and grandpas) they may not see every day. It can also help with transition to new day care by providing baby with a photo of mom and dad to help her feel secure.

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 PRINTS / RuthLPhoto_Web.jpg PRINTS -
Four-Photo Poster
Ruth L. of Hibbing, MN writes...

I always get compliments on this one. Take 4 of your favorite pictures, blow them up to 8X10", and change them to black and white or sepia tones. Then put them face-down in a rectangle and tape them together. Flip it over and you have 1 beautiful 16X20" print. Mat and frame!

 PRINTS / SaraDPhoto_web.jpg PRINTS -
Art Project Photos
Sara D. of Ashland, KS writes...

I scan all of my kids' art projects and make them into jpegs and upload the pictures to Snapfish and have them printed. Then I put them in an art work photo album for each child so they can see their art work later in life. It saves a lot of space and the photos are easier to protect than big pieces of art. I also take pictures of my kids displaying their art. So they are in the photo. This idea makes them feel special and lets them know that I am proud of their accomplishments.

 PRINTS / JenniferMPhoto_web.jpg PRINTS -
First Day of Homeschool Photo
Jennifer M. of Amarillo, TX writes...

We home school, so to make our first day of school special, we made a poster and took a picture to remember this important day! This is a great way to commemorate the first day of each new school year and watch your children grow.

 CARDS / TiffanyPPhoto_web.jpg CARDS -
Thank You Cards
Tiffany W. of Arkport, NY writes...

A photo of you holding a simple, clear "Thank You" sign can easily be made into a unique Thank You card on Snapfish. It doesn't cost any more than buying a box of Thank You notes at the store, and this way it's much more personal. My husband and I used Snapfish for our wedding Thank You cards, and they were a huge hit.

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 COLLAGES / TomorrowBPhoto_web.jpg COLLAGES -
European Tour Poster
Tomorrow B. Fort Wayne, IN writes...

My thirteen-year-old daughter recently went to Europe to visit Spain, France and Italy with an EF Educational tour group. As a single parent I could not afford to let her. I had send out lots of letters asking for contributions from family and friends. We were able to raise enough money for her have a once in a lifetime opportunity. So this is where SNAPFISH came in. We created college photos (20 pictures) -- 4 by 6 prints to send to family and friends to say Thank You! for helping make this trip possible at a very reasonable cost. Also we were able to share all her pictures with the group she went with. After loading our pictures on Snapfish we selected to create a collage photo, sizes 4x6 or 5x7 then select 20 pictures. You can also type in any phrase with different fonts to say what your collage is about. Even get to choose a color border. Snapfish does the rest! This idea can be use to send to family and friends or put in a frame to decorate your child's room. If you like a bigger photo, try the poster.

 PHOTO BOOKS / AshleySPhoto_web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
College Memory Book
Ashley S. of Marlette, MI writes...

The day I graduated college my two girl friends gave me a photo book from Snapfish that they made the night before and had printed at the store for pick-up. It was photos from all of the crazy nights we have together since we all met there at school. It was so great! They printed one off for each of us. I still look at it all the time. Those were some great memories and I love having them in a book. They put quotes in the book that we said all the time, and also a few lines from some inside jokes we have. It's a wonderful gift! I love it!!

 PRINTS / PriyankaVPhoto_web.jpg PRINTS -
Friendship Bracelet
Priyanka V. from Singapore writes...

This is a friendship band. It makes the friend feel special with a personalized message and photo on it. First select the width of the band, then take a photo and cut it with that width and a small length to fit the wrist. Once done, stick the photo on a colored sheet or on a white sheet which can be decorated and colored, as I have done. Keep the colors light. Now with a darker color, write a personalized message and this can be either laminated or sealed. One can attach a hook at the ends to close the band. The same band can be a printed on canvas, to make it even more comfortable to wear.

Writing Journal
Amanda B. of Dryden, NY writes...

My idea is to use photos to make a writing journal for children.  You place 1-4 photos at the top of a document; a Word would work fine.  I use a scrapbooking program called Scrapbook factory. In Word I suggest drawing text boxes inserting pictures into them at the top of the page to ease manipulation. Then you draw in lines the width appropriate for the child's writing size. Size depends upon the age and motor development of the child.  In Word you would just type in the lines and resize the line spacing of the paragraph. In the scrapbook program I physically drew and copied the lines and spaced them how I needed them. I suggest once this is set up people save a template to help set up future pages easier.

Print the pages and when the child has finished writing assemble the pages in a book to read and enjoy. This has really helped my son want to write in more detail!

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 PRINTS / ConnieBPhoto_web.jpg PRINTS -
Beautiful Sunsets
Connie B. of Milwaukee, WI writes...

To get really beautiful sunset photos, meter your camera lens on the sky above the sun. What I mean by metering is hold your shutter button halfway down while pointing lens to the sky above the sunset and then keep holding button halfway down and recompose your photo then push shutter button all the way down. You will have a beautiful picture. Be careful though not to point your lens directly into the sun.

 BORDERS / AshleyYGrad_web.jpg BORDERS -
Pre-School Graduation Gift
Ashley Y. of Warsaw, NY writes...

My niece recently graduated from pre-school (hey it's a big deal!). Instead of giving her a card and a gift, I took a picture of her in her cap and gown and used the border feature and put a nice graduation border around the picture. I liked it so much, I ordered duplicates to give to her mother and grandmother!

Gift for Service Member
Ashley Y. of Warsaw, NY writes...

My brother is serving in Iraq in the Army as a medic. He was there when my daughter was born in October. For Christmas, I used the collage poster print and made a collection of pictures of his new niece. He was able to frame it and hang it on his wall so he could see her every day.

 PHOTO BOOKS / GaylePhoto_web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Travel Club Photo Book
Gayle E. of The Villages, FL writes...

As an avid traveler I have "Snapfish photo" club going while we are on the trip. As a group, we each take pictures when we travel. When we get back we submit our photos to Snapfish. Once we all put our pictures online the travel group leader combines the best pictures and comes up with a scrapbook to share. Then we each personalize the scrapbook by adding our personal photos and order a Memory Book. One of our group belongs to a local digital scrapbooking group. She makes an effort to capture pictures that are linear, interesting doorways, colorful flowers, etc. This insures our books are special.  Our Photo Books have become Coffee Table books that are enjoyed over and over.

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 PHOTO BOOKS / KerriLPhoto_web.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Wedding Guestbook
Kerri L. of Pittsburgh, PA writes...

For our wedding we asked a family member to take pictures as the guests entered the hall. Instead of a traditional guestbook, we uploaded these photos and ordered a photobook from Snapfish to make a photo guestbook. We had the person taking the pictures have the guests write their names as they would like it to appear in the book and added that as the caption. And for a large family that we hardly see, it is good for our kids to see pictures of them now too.

 PRINTS / SharonKPhoto_Web.jpg PRINTS -
Photos with Writeable Mattes
Sharyn K. of Tallahassee, FL writes...

A couple of years ago my mother and father-in-law bought us season passes to Walt Disney World. We wanted to say thank you in a special way to them for such a wonderful gift. Last year, we chose a favorite photo from our visits to Disney, then enlarged the picture and put a "writeable matte" around it. We all (me, my husband, and our 3 kids) took turns writing a thank you for our "year at Disney." Now, Grandma and Grandpa will be reminded every time they look at the picture how much we loved our trip to Disney!

This is a very easy and heartfelt project.
  • Buy a large frame with a writeable matte (can be found at places like Michaels, Target, etc.)
  • Pick a favorite photo and make sure it's the right size for the matte.
  • Write message (or messages) on matte.
  • Put picture in matte and frame, now you're ready to give a great gift!

 PRINTS / SylviaVPhoto_Web.jpg PRINTS -
Photos of Old Photos
Sylvia V. or Jacksonville, FL writes...

Take pictures of pictures. For instance I have an old family picture which I wanted to share so I took a picture of it, and now I can email or print! I turned on the overhead light. I stood to the left of the picture I was photographing so I would not see the flash back at me! Even if the picture you are photographing is not covered with glass I believe you might still get a "white spot." The photo is of my great-great grandparents with their daughter (seated) and her children (my grandmother is the tallest standing girl). I treasure this picture, thanks to my mother!

 PRINTS / NicoleRPhoto_web.jpg PRINTS -
Mini Scrap Books
Nicole R. from Fort Smith, AR writes...

As a scrapbooker, I am constantly being asked for personalized scrapbooks. To satisfy the demand, I take chipboard blocks or tags found at most craft stores, paint or cover with acid free paper, then personalize with photos and embelishments. Finally, put a ring or beaded chain through the premade holes or use a paper piercer to create holes and give to a friend. A small one is great for making many mini scrapbooks for little money or as using up scrapbooking scraps.

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 BORDERS / MarleneNPhoto_web.jpg BORDERS -
Team Photo
Marlene N. of Apollo, PA writes...

Our bowling team won first place this year and I took a snapshot of the winning team. I went into borders and used the congratulation one and put it around my picture. I ordered the 4x6 prints with the border on Snapfish and gave them to the members of the winning team. They could easily be framed and was a nice keepsake and gift to keep. Everyone loved them and they were easy to do and only had to pay for the cost of each print!

 PHOTO CARDS / LesliePhoto_web.jpg PHOTO CARDS -
New Orleans Notecards
Leslie E. of New Orleans, LA writes...

Because of Hurricane Katrina, many of my family members are now scattered over the United States. Periodically, I cook "New Orleans" traditional foods. I take photos of these dishes and use them as note cards to send words from home to family members so they won't forget about the delicious foods cooked in their hometown. Thanks - I love Snapfish!

 COLLAGES / DianaSPhoto.jpg COLLAGES -
Sports Team Poster
Dianna S. of Gilbertsville, PA writes...

Over the course of the last year, I took photos of each child on my daughter's team. I was then able to crop the photos down to highlight each girl. I was also able to scan in a copy of their soccer club's patch as well as a quote for each of the girls. Additionally, I added a caption at the top of the photo which included the year, the name of the team and the Name and Jersey # for each player. At the end of the season every girl will have a poster of their year as a remembrance of a great team and season!

Craft Memories
Roberta W. of Pickerington, OH writes...

I have two girls and lots of crafts. I take a picture of the girl the day I get the craft project with them standing in the picture. Most of the time I throw the pictures into a DVD show so they can see themselves grow. They love to see their pictures and artwork on the TV. This picture is my little girl with her Mother's Day flowers from school.

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 PRINTS / MemoryCollage.jpg PRINTS -
Memory Collage
Nathalie C. of Gainesville, FL writes...

Set up a collage of a lost loved one, to show his memorable moments in his life and to share that with others who never knew him/her. It could be small, medium or large. Around the border, at the top it will show a title saying REMEMBERING and at the bottom it will show the person's name. You can choose your own font and color. Also around the borders you can have different designs. Maybe a flower or anything to make it special. In my case I just left it simple, the pictures tell my story.

 PRINTS / JenniferSPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Fun Photo Race Track
Jennifer S. of Sparks, NV writes...

Here is my idea for Fun Photo Race Tracks!  It's a fun and easy craft to do with just some fun photos, construction paper, tape and a marker!
  1. Take PROFILE pictures of everyone you want on your 'race track' in a funny driving position.  (Remember, all that will be seen is from the waist up!)
  2. After receiving your prints, cut out the people from the rest of the photo.
  3. Using construction paper, cut out fun car shapes (or get inventive with other modes of a UFO!)
  4. Tape the cutout of the person behind the car so it looks like they are in the vehicle.
  5. Using half or full sheets of different color construction paper, using a bold marker, number each square with a number, don't forget about 'Start' and 'Finish.'
  6. Then, tape page after page around a room or on a wall to create a racetrack (Think 'Candy Land').
  7. Tape up all your race cars, starting at the finish line, and you are ready to race!
This is a lot of fun for kids to move their cars ahead for completing chores. Maybe every five spaces, they earn a prize? Also, don't think that adults wouldn't enjoy this!
It's a fun and light-hearted way to motivate a work team. A little friendly competition, anyone?
P.S.  You can also laminate them to make them more durable. Just be careful and follow laminating directions!

 PRINTS / VictoriaPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Come-for-a-Visit Book
Victoria K. of Fort Collins, CO writes...

My four-year-old grandson was coming for a visit by himself for a week. He lives 1000 miles away and had never been away from home by himself. In order to make it easier for him I made an "Everyday Photo Book" with pictures of our home. They included the kitchen and Grandma pouring him a glass of milk, the table where we eat, Grandpa sitting in his chair waiting to read him a story, the bed he'd sleep in and even his bathroom. We also added some photos of things we would do when he was here, like a walk in the woods and a visit to the mountains. We sent it well ahead of the visit so his parents could read it to him many times. He loved it, and easily found his way around the house when he got here. Then, after he went home, I made another book documenting what he had done while here. Both books were great hits and he loves them.

 PRINTS / TrisyPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Photo Christmas Tree Skirt
Trisy A. from San Antonio, TX writes...

My three most favorite things in the world are my kids, pictures and the Christmas holidays.  I put them all together by taking photos of my kids, laminating them and sewing them onto a felt Christmas tree skirt. I separate the tree skirt into "panels" so that each section represents a new year. Every Christmas, when I take out the tree skirt, we get to see how much the kids have grown!

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 PRINTS / NataliePhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Baby Face Art Shots
Natalie J. of Bronx, NY writes...

My sister is a photographer, and when my son was a few months old she took a few out of the ordinary pictures of his face.  Rather than photograph his whole face, she took close-up pictures of individual face parts: a close-up view of his eye, a photo of his chin and lips, one of his ear. And then she took one of his whole face. In my scrap book I devoted one page to the photos of the different parts, placing them in correct, circular order, and on the opposite page I put the photo of his whole face.  It had a very cool effect of conveying the message of "the sum of all parts," simultaneously giving individual attention to each attribute on its own, and to the entirety of his face.

 POSTERS / ChristopherPhoto.jpg POSTERS -
Photo Mosaic Poster
Christopher E. of Los Angeles, CA writes...

Me and my family love using Snapfish and every year we make a mosaic of all our photos from that year. It's a great activity and is a great time for our family to hang out with each other. At first we think of a subject for the mosaic. Usually we buy about eight poster boards and put corner tabs on them to hold the photos in place. For the past couple of years we have been using photo programs to put all of our photos into a collage and ordered a poster from Snapfish. The finished product looks great and is fun to share with friends and family. It's easy to make this in less than a day. I prefer to use the slideshow program Powerpoint to make the mosaic. First, after you know what you're trying to make the mosaic look like, you can organize your photos by color. After that you can place them in the right order with any program you choose. After that make sure to save your project as a .jpg file. You can then upload your project to Snapfish and order a poster of any size. This is a great thing to put in dorm rooms or even just for decoration.

 PRINTS / DvoraPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Storage Bin Labels
Dvora P. of Lakewood, NJ writes...

I use an open-bin storage system in my playroom. I found that when anyone other than me cleaned up the toys, everything got mixed up, even though the bins were labeled. I took a picture of each of the bins with their (correct) contents and made labels with the picture and the name of the toy. Now everyone knows what goes where, whether they can read or not. This was also great for my cleaning help, who does not speak English fluently.

 PRINTS / ChanaPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Magazine Rack
Chana S. from Brooklyn, NY writes...

I took pictures of the front and back of my daughter dressed in her Purim holiday costume. Then I printed the pictures onto "iron on photo transfer sheets" from Avery brand (6 sheets are approx. $13). Then I ironed the pictures onto the front and back of a fabric magazine holder and wrote "happy holiday" etc. using fabric puff paint, filled with goodies and sent to grandma. Similar photo iron on ideas can be used on many fabrics including t-shirts, tote bags etc. to send to loved ones.

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 PRINTS / MichelleGPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Save the Date
Michelle G. of North Myrtle Beach, SC writes...

On a trip back home to visit family, I planned to have an 11th birthday party for my son with all of the family members and friends he doesn't get to see often, invited. I printed some fun invitations on the computer, and added a "sticky note photo" of my son, on the beach, holding a dry erase board with the date and time of his party and told everyone to put the photo on their fridge as a reminder! Everyone LOVED the added touch of the photo!

 PRINTS / JanPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Gift Tags
Jan W. from Rio Rancho, NM writes...

We have 10 grandkids and 2 great-grandkids. Since most are too young to read, I print their pictures on gift tags for birthdays and Christmas. They all feel very proud that they can "read" the labels. I print them on card stock and then laminate them. One of my daughters-in-law uses the gift tags as tree ornaments after the kids open gifts. Each year they pick out their tags and hang them themselves.

 PRINTS / JoanneVGrandparentVisitAlbums.jpg PRINTS -
Grandparent Visit Albums
Joanne V. of Wallingford, CT writes...

During school breaks, my kids look forward to spending a few days out of state at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The first time they went I heard about each days adventures with a phone call home, but I couldn't help but feel like I was missing out. What a surprise when they came home and had me sit down on the couch to look through their new photo album. My parents had chronicled their whole stay in pictures! Pictures at the breakfast table, bowling, feeding ducks, visiting cousins, and finally climbing back into the car to head home. Now they pull out their albums before a return trip and use the memories to plan what they want to do the next time around. (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the great idea.)

 PRINTS / Joanne.jpg PRINTS -
Gift Inserts
Joanne V. of Wallingford, CT writes...

Mother's Day and Father's Day is coming up. My children always like to make special cards or craft projects for dad and grandparents. For me, the best part is watching them create their special gifts. In order to share these special moments, I tuck a small framed picture of each child as they created their masterpiece. Now Grandma can see their smiles as they add the final touch.

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 PHOTO BOOK / DebiPhoto.jpg PHOTO BOOK -
Grandma Album
Debi K. of Danville, CA writes...

I watch my granddaughter every Tuesday. I take a few pictures each time and put them in a Snapfish album which I call Tuesdays with Brooklyn. When they no longer need me to babysit, I'll give my son and daughter-in-law the printed out album as a special keepsake of our time together. As Brooklyn grows I'll add to the album, yearly birthday and holiday pictures, and present that album to Brooklyn when she turns 18 or 21, a lifetime of memories.

 PRINTS / tessaphoto.jpg PRINTS -
Faraway Family Album
Tessa L. of Nashville, TN writes...

We live far from most of our family. In order for my daughter to know them a little bit better, I filled a photo album with photos of her extended family and call it the book of people who love you and gave it to her on her first Valentine's Day. Many nights we review the photos in the album. She has used it so much, it is a bit tattered.

 PRINTS / KarenPhoto2.jpg PRINTS -
Photo Bookmarks
Karen H. from Oregon City, OR writes...

I like to look through my Snapfish orders for photos that can be trimmed down to bookmark size. I crop the 4X6 inch photos to the width of about an inch and a half. Then, I use my favorite edged scissors to trim the bottom and curve the top. Next, I laminate the photo bookmark. I punch a hole in the top and tie a ribbon through the hole with a color that coordinates well with the photo. I always include one of my photo bookmarks when I give a book as a gift.

Valentine's Day Gift
Jacki M. of Nanaimo, BC Canada writes...

My grandchildren live in another city, but I always like to remember them on special occasions.  This year for Valentine's Day, I selected pictures of them with their grandpa and me and, using iron on transfers (HP of course!), put this picture onto white fabric which I glued to a heart that I had cut out of red felt, stuffed and sewed together first on the machine. I then used thin ribbon to hand sew around the edge.  This makes a lightweight gift full of love for them to receive (with some special Valentine's candy) on Valentine's Day and hang in their room to enjoy long after Valentine's Day is gone! You could also choose to just do the heart one layer thick, stick a magnet on the back, and you have a fridge magnet with a fond memory!

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34 |
 BORDERS / monicaphoto.jpg BORDERS -
Kids' Valentines
Monica J. of Homerville, GA writes...

Instead of buying the boxes of kids' Valentines, I make my own using Snapfish. I take a favorite picture of my daughter and add a Valentine border. I order enough of those prints for her entire nursery class and her family. It cost about the same or less, and people enjoy receiving them so much more.

 PRINTS / LoisBPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Family Heirloom Scrapbook
Lois B. of Williamston, NC writes...

I am an avid scrapbooker. Family heritage albums are important to me. In order for my children to know the story behind all of my collected family heirlooms (great-great grandma's handkerchief, great-grandpa's walking cane, great uncle's baby blanket, etc), I took a picture of each item, placed it on a scrapbook page and wrote the story behind the item. Now I know that when I am gone my children can refer to their book and the story of each special piece will live on.

 PRINTS / WendyPhotoTins.jpg PRINTS -
Keepsake Ornament Tin
Wendy A. of Palatine, IL writes...

For 30+ years, I have been making an annual Christmas ornament for family and friends. To catalog this tradition, I chose Snapfish to print my pictures of the ornaments. I then created a round scrapbook page for each ornament with a description of my inspiration and a photo of the project in progress on the back. They all fit nicely in a Christmas cookie tin with room to add more in the coming years.

Family Tree Quilt
Lori W. from Shapleigh, ME writes...

This is our idea for the perfect Christmas gift. Take pictures of every member of your family. Have them printed on transferrable paper, which can be ironed onto fabric. Instead of the usual t-shirt, cut squares of fabric and iron on the photo, and create a Family Tree Quilt. Get members of the family to help sew the squares together, and it will make a fabulous gift for the parents or grandparents.

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Memento DVDs
Angela W. of Neosho, MO writes...

My husband is a High School Wrestling coach. I take pictures throughout the year and also have the parents give me copies of the pictures they take. I compile them into a slide show and add music, then copy them onto DVD's. I give each one of the wrestlers a copy, they have a movie of the year is wrestling. They like to be able to look back and remember their season this way.

 PRINTS / BarbaraPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Nature Photo Contest
Barbara W. of Skowhegan, ME writes...

I teach fourth grade. One of our units is on plants and trees. To finish the unit I have a photo contest. The kids take and mat their photos of trees in certain categories (long distance, close up, mood shot, etc,) and write an appropriate caption for it.
They are entered in a contest and displayed in the school glass display case. It is a popular contest since it focuses (no pun intended) on the arts.

 PRINTS / ShaunaPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Home-Grown Baby Portraits
Shauna B. of Massillon, OH writes...

Like most moms, I LOVE taking pictures of my baby. Snapshots are great, but when I'm wanting a cute portrait to send loved ones and not pay sitting fees, I look no further than my own house. Things around the house can make great props for pictures. If you use your imagination it's possible to create a professional-looking portrait at home. I used my favorite soft furry dress coat to lay my baby on under the Christmas tree in this photo. I have also used my husband's brown leather jacket and a cowboy hat for an authentic looking wild West theme. You could even coordinate your favorite spring floral bedding with your daughter's pretty pink dress. I have also used things around the house to cover the bouncy seat and bumbo chair to have them match your photo. The possibilities are limitless, and a lot more affordable! Thanks once again, Snapfish!

 PRINTS / RachelPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Interactive Clue Game
Rachel O. of Metuchen, NJ writes...

As a college student, my friends and I are always looking for things to do that don't cost much but still are entertaining and allow us to spend time together. We came up with a game of Interactive Clue: played just like the board game Clue, where everyone gets some cards and the players have to ask each other questions to figure out whodunit, except instead of the regular "Miss Scarlet with the Candlestick in the Hall", we used our own photos of the people and things we were familiar with. We went around campus and took pictures of people we knew, buildings we worked in, and everyday objects for the 'weapons'. These photos became the Clue cards, and the questions became "Annie with the flute in the Sciences Library". It was a great way to spice up the original game and an excuse to take great photos of people and places we spent lots of time with. To make it even more interesting, we traveled to the actual locations each time someone wanted to make an accusation there.

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34 |
 PRINTS / AmandaPhotoScrapbook.jpg PRINTS -
Wedding Scrapbook
Amanda G. of Los Angeles, CA writes...

Last December, my sister got married. I was still in college at the time, and didn't have a lot of money to give her something nice and expensive off her registry. Scrapbooking is one of my favorite activities, so for her wedding shower, I gave her a scrapbook for her honeymoon, promising her that if she took pictures and saved memorabilia from her trip, I would put it all together for her in a scrapbook. She's not very crafty herself and was thrilled that I offered to do it for her. She still keeps it on her coffee table and shows it to friends when she entertains! Just goes to show that a gift doesn't have to be expensive to be cherished!

 POSTER PRINTS / AmandaPhotoWindowPanePoster.jpg POSTER PRINTS -
Window-Paned Poster
Amanda G. of Los Angeles, CA writes...

For a college art fair, I found a picture I had taken of an orchid close-up, and cropped it into 16 4x6 photos. I then ordered these 4x6s and arranged them on posterboard, leaving a small gap in between to create a "window-paned" look. I loved it so much that I now have it on display in my room; it's a great way to take a beautiful - but small - picture, and make it visually interesting and display-worthy! It was also very easy - just posterboard, some double-sided tape, and the pictures!

 PRINTS / LeticiaPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Thank You Photos
Leticia J. from Bronx, NY writes...

Now that the holidays have passed it is time to say thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts. The best gift is a thank you card with a picture in the outfit or with the toy that was given. It makes the giver feel special and they can see exactly how the gift was used. It confirms that re-gifting was not an option. I have attached an example of a picture I will be sending to my daughters Godmother. She purchased this cute purple outfit for her.

 PRINTS / DonnaPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Decoupage Frames
Donna M. of Sherburne, NY writes...

I have made decoupage photo frames for several family events.  You can make color copies or prints on plain paper, cut them out and decoupage them on a wood frame. Then I order a special photo for inside the frame and Voila! A great gift for birthdays, baby gifts, graduation, grandparents, Father's Day or Mother's Day, Christmas, anything you can think of!  People love these as a memento and a lasting way to show off photos. 

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 PHOTO BOOKS / RobinMphoto.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Graduation Present
Robin M. from Fairfax, VA writes...

I am so excited for my daughter's graduation party! I plan on making a hardback book of pictures from every year of my daughter's life. I will use all the embarrassing school photographs! We go on cruises every year so those would be great to use! The last photo will show her at her new dorm. :) It's a great souvenir and my daughter will love the memories. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser! She can even put it on her desk at college!

 PHOTO BOOKS / RosemaryPhoto.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Old Family Photos
RoseMary F. of Dry Prong, LA writes...

I am in charge of putting on my family's yearly reunion. This year I scanned close to one hundred old photos and uploaded them to Snapfish to make a photo book. My family loved it. I borrowed the photos of my great grandparents and now anyone who wants can have a copy of the book. Several opened an account with Snapfish and ordered the book through sharing and the others that did not have access paid me and I had the books sent to their home. Then after the reunion I uploaded the photos I took from the day and made a book and sent an invitation to all of my family and several purchased a book or ordered the photos that I shared as well. My family lives in several different states and Snapfish makes it a "snap" to share. 

 PHOTO BOOKS / ShaunaPhoto.jpg PHOTO BOOKS -
Family Reunion Keepsakes
Shauna B. of Massillon, OH writes...

I use Snapfish to help me create keepsakes for our yearly family reunion. We have an auction, raffle prizes, and a craft table each year to help us raise money to have the reunion somewhere nice the following year. One of my favorite projects is using Snapfish photo books to create special keepsake memory albums.

First I collect pictures from previous reunions, relatives that have passed on, old letters, old photos from the past, etc. Then, I scan everything I have collected and upload to Snapfish. Using the great editing tools available when making a photo book I am able to create something one-of-a-kind and wonderful, that my relatives can cherish for many years to come! Plus, it's great for fundraising. Also, I have been able to sell them at our reunion for double the price of creating one.

 PRINTS / ShannonPhoto.jpg PRINTS -
Birthday Thank You Shots
Shannon L. of Marietta, GA writes...

For my son's first birthday I had a party with about 10 kids. I made it a point to take at least one picture of each kid that attended the party. I developed each kid's picture through Snapfish and sent the picture of the child with my son's Thank You note. I think it's nice to have a picture of your child enjoying a party and it's a little something extra to a normal, boring thank you note. All the parents enjoyed receiving the thank you notes with a picture of their child having fun. You can even get creative and put borders around the pictures!

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