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taking photos at the beach
simple techniques and tips for great beach photos
Create unique beach pictures See the small details
Create unique beach pictures
The beach provides a naturally beautiful canvas, and by simply using a variety of perspectives, you can create extraordinary pictures of your days by the sea. For example, snap a candid shot of someone unaware and enjoying the beach.
See the small details
Use your camera's macro shooting mode to shoot small details such as a footprint in the sand or a coconut washed to shore.
Capture beach play Postion the horizon
Capture beach play
To catch the action try something new.
Action shooting mode: uses a fast shutter speed to stop action, so you get clear photos without blur.
Burst mode: lets you take multiple pictures with one click of the shutter button, perfect for catching a sequence of moves.
Postion the horizon
Rather than cut your image in half, give your photo more interest. Notice how the horizon line in this photo is in the bottom third of the image-providing more visual interest.
You can also create great portraits by placing a person to one side and filling the rest of the frame with the horizon.
Adjust to the light Black and white shots
Adjust to the light
When at the beach, avoid harsh shadows by shooting on cloudy days, in shade, or around sunrise or sunset. You can also use your camera's flash when shooting in direct sun to get rid of strong shadows on faces or other objects in your shot.
Black and white shots
The colors of the sea and sky can be marvelous, but don't forget that the contrast of black and white accentuates lines, textures, and edges, making it a good choice for capturing beach scenes and coastlines.
Beach panoramas
Beach panoramas
Sweeping beach pictures are the perfect use for panoramic photography. You can capture all of the beauty in one long shot. Here's how:
Landscape mode: This pre-set adjusts aperture so that objects near and at great distances are sharp and clear.
Panorama: Some cameras let you create breathtaking vertical or horizontal panoramic shots by stitching together up to five images in a sequence-all right in the camera.