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Hot ideas for
summer books

These fun-in-the-sun days of summer are
perfect for creating photo books you'll love
flipping through again and again.

Featured theme & embellishments:
Art of Travel

    • Travel Books

      Summertime is travel time, and we've got lots of
      terrific travel book themes designed to help you
      relive that certain state of bliss you only experience
      while on vacation.

      Featured theme & embellishments: Travel Stamps

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    Family reunion books

    Whether it's your annual family picnic or your sorority reunion weekend, showcase every great get-together with photo books that celebrate all of your family and friends.

    Featured theme: A Year to Remember
    Embellishments: Summer

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    • Summer Party Books

      We've got fun photo book designs to fit every party theme,
      from 4th of July celebrations and backyard barbeques to
      chili cook-offs and bonfires on the beach.

      Featured theme: America
      Embellishments: 4th of July

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    Wedding books

    Remember every moment of this special day with
    wedding book themes that help you relive your
    one-of-a kind love story.

    Featured theme & embellishments: Always and Forever

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