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Leslie E. of LA

This is a collage poster that I created with Snapfish. My husband, son, and I visited a co-worker and friend who relocated to Georgia after Hurricane Katrina. We had a wonderful time, and I wanted to thank them, but did not want to send your every-day card. They loved their collage! I thought that it was so nice, I also ordered one for myself to display on my "vacation" wall in my home. Thanks, Snapfish!
Meredith M. of IA

My two boys have their own sweet corn patch in Iowa. They are in charge of counting, taking the money, and making change, as well as learning customer service and hard work! But in our down times, as you can see, we like to have some fun--selling Kool-Aid, riding pedal tractors, and best of all, playing around with dad and Great Grandpa (corn silk mustaches)! What great memories... and it tells a story by having it all on one 4x6 picture in a collage format! I just love using the collage feature on Snapfish --it's the option that I choose most frequently!
Sharon S. of MO

This collage is of photos taken at my home during 2008. My husband is a beekeeper, and I love photographing his honeybees, as well as the bumblebees and butterflies that visit our gardens.
Theresa H. of SC

I just had to share my collage story with you, because it means so much to me. This is the garden that my precious brother and I planted together this past spring. He had advanced cancer of the liver and spine and was confined to a wheelchair. I would wheel him out to the garden every day, and we were both so excited to see it flourishing. He passed away on Father's Day - June 15. The night before he passed away, we were so excited to find a cucumber had grown that we went inside and ate it! After he passed away, it was bittersweet for me to go to his house every day and care for the garden without him. But I know he would have wanted me to keep it going, so I did. That's when I decided to take pictures of the garden and some of the vegetables, so I could remember it forever! Thank you, Snapfish, for the great service and wonderful products you provide. I wouldn't dream of getting my pictures from anyone else!!
Henry T. of FL

This may not be warm and fuzzy, but it helps us sell real estate!
Judy R. of WI

I have recently lost 90 pounds, and I wanted to create a collage poster to put on my refrigerator as a reminder of what happens when you go into the refrigerator too often for the "wrong things." I believe this will help me immensely - wouldn't you agree?
Hal L. of NY

This is a collage of photos taken at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY, in August 2008. I was given a personal tour of highlights of some of the 155,000+ graves by my 86-year old friend, Harriett Fox. I then created this collage poster as a gift for her 87th birthday, which was a few weeks later.