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Lenny G. of NJ

In August 2008, we went on a whale-watching cruise off of Cape Cod. There were so many Humpbacks, I was able to capture nearly every "pose" a whale watcher could hope for. The Snapfish collage came out so well that people often mistake it for a store-bought poster. Thanks, Snapfish!
Joanne M. of NY

This summer's Niagara County summer celebration included a hot air balloon festival. On Sunday morning, the balloons were set to go at 6:00 a.m., which meant getting up at 5 a.m. to see it. It was definitely worth it!
Marcia C. of WI

This collage was a special tribute to our elementary school's art teacher. With such a little budget, Patty P. can really stretch her materials so that my students in fourth grade can expand their creativity! These life-sized guitars really knocked my socks off! I took pictures of pieces of them to reflect everyone's textures and colors, without having just one stand out. She received this collage for her birthday and as a thank-you for being such an outstanding teacher and inspiration to our students here in Lancaster, WI.
Barbara F. of MN

My yard has many flowering plants that were given to me by my mother and grandmothers. Capturing their brief flowering allows me to remember their beauty while reminding me of my family members.
Cari H. of MI

It was the last morning of our vacation at the cabin. My father, sister, and I decided to take one last plunge into that cold, cold water at 6:30 a.m. My mom captured it for us to remember!
Janet M.

I enjoy photographing flowers and have made these collages as Christmas gifts. Everyone seems to enjoy these floral collages all year round!
Nita G. of MI

Aaah, fall. When things start to slow down, the air is crisp, and the colors light up when the sun shines on the brilliant red, yellow, and orange leaves on the trees. Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I wanted to share the beauty. Enjoy the colors of fall!
Clark H. from CT

In 2008 the New York Botanical Garden featured the largest collection of Henry Moore's sculptures ever shown in America. My collage gives an idea of the scope of this fine exhibition.
Dawn J. from IA

My children and I were waiting to see the largest working steam engine in the world.
Linda B. of GA

I recently was privileged to spend a month in Beijing working at the Olympics. While there, I took many photos, including shots of the many colors of the Water Cube. I enjoyed creating this collage, which I had made into a poster and which I have shared with both family and friends.
Eleanor Y. from TN

I am a high school math teacher. One of my students' favorite activities, and one that I feel is very effective, is a cell phone scavenger hunt. For this collage, the students were paired up and sent out to take pictures of triangles. They measured the angles to see if the triangles were congruent, and then they emailed the best triangle pictures to me. I made a collage of the best of the best. I displayed the collage in my classroom, and the students, teachers and parents loved it! I also set up a Group Room so that students and parents could go online and see all the hard work being done in the classroom. Thanks for such a powerful teaching tool!
Jessica M. of UT

Now that my siblings and I are all grown, without extended family, hiking seems to be the only family activity we do regularly. Every weekend we take off for a remote section of Utah to catch up, exercise, and see beautiful scenery. This collage represents a collection of our hiking adventures this summer: Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Stewart Falls, Neff's Canyon, Lake Catherine, and others. I created it as a memory of the good times, the challenges (10 miles of hiking with a 3000-foot elevation gain), the beauty, and the family bonding.
Kelly P. of CA

These pictures are product of an amazing adventure trip to New York City with my mom and older brother. After flying all over the city seeing every tourist attraction possible, I finally had a moment's rest when I visited the Empire State Building (on a zero-visibility day). I was by myself and found solace in the quiet, empty space above the city.
Jane S. of MI

We have always loved spending time in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and Tahquamenon Falls is one of our favorite places. We returned there this October, and the pictures turned out so beautiful, I felt I had to do something with them. I thought a collage would be perfect - and I found it surprisingly easy to make on Snapfish, even for me.