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Katie G. of OH

My niece is in a high school play at least once a year, and I go to each one, take lots of pictures, and then make her a collage for Christmas. This collage poster is of her recent performance in the Wizard of Oz. She has taken her collages to school to show the other kids and teachers and gets rave reviews every time. I order the 16" x 20" collage posters, frame them, and she covers her bedroom walls with them. It's fun because I am giving her something she will have forever.
Lisa B. of MA

Growing up in Boston, you are born into Red Sox Nation. I have been a fan my whole life, and when I had my daughter, I couldn't wait to take her to Fenway Park. Being that she was only a little over one year old, I figured it was too early to take her to a game, as she doesn't sit for a long period of time. On Mother's Day this year, they opened the park for an event called Walk Around the Park. I figured it was a perfect opportunity to get her to Fenway, and it was the perfect way for me to spend Mother's Day. She loved it, as did I, and everyone loved her shirt!
Doug S. of PA

My collage poster is of my daughter learning to surf. She kept watching her brother and cousins and finally wanted to give it a try. We wanted to make a poster for her room to celebrate her first surfing experience. In no time she will be carving waves with ease!
Karen S. of SC

My collage poster, entitled "Pond Collage," was a gift to my brother-in-law, who began in field of nothing and dug our pond for us. He is a big "equipment" guy and loves to play with his "big-boy toys." My hubby came up with the slogan that we used to title the poster.
Krista L. of AK

My husband, his dad, and his brother have recently made it a tradition to go on an annual pheasant hunting trip every year. The first one was last year. So I decided to make a 16"x20" collage poster for each of them and have it framed. It took me a while to get the photos the way I wanted them by trying to select them in different orders, but I finally got the collage the way I wanted it with the largest picture of the three of them in the middle. I think it really meant a lot to my father-in-law. Now he will always remember the first pheasant hunting trip, and someday when our boys are big enough to go with them, I will make another one!
AnJee K. of OR

I took up surfing last year at the age of 37 and have loved it ever since. My 13-year-old daughter kept saying she wanted to try. So in July we took her and her best friend Ashley, who is also 13. They had a lesson with a surf instructor and were both surfing in minutes. They loved it so much that they stayed in the water for literally 8 hours before stopping. We surf in Newport, Oregon, so it can be cold, but the girls never said a word. In fact they were so beat that I didn't hear a peep out of either one of them on the 2-hour drive home the next day.
Sara M. of WA

I created this collage with photos from my daughter's first ballet recital.
Doug S. of PA

This is my son Tyson, a total beach bum. His grandmother lives at the beach, and he spends most of each summer there. Over the past couple of years, he has taken up the sport of skimming. He is very good at it now, and I wanted to make a collage of him over the years skimming at the beach.
Melodie B. of NE

I love a good challenge almost as much as I like helping others, and this past summer both of these things saturated my life. I signed up to train for the Nation's Triathlon with Team in Training (TNT), which is an organization with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Team in Training helps people train for endurance events while these athletes raise money for cancer research and patient care. I was able to raise over $4,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and I competed in and finished the Nation's Triathlon in Washington D.C. on September 14th, 2008. Both things felt great to accomplish, and the rest of my great team was just as successful!
Beth S. of MI

This is a collage of my college graduation. I recently completed graduate school, and seeing these pictures in a collage reminds me how excited I was that day to receive my degree after years of hard work and studying. My friends and family all came out to support me, and now I have a lasting memory of that big day forever hanging on the wall.
Kelly R. of SC

My boyfriend and I toured the Blue Ridge Parkway by bicycle this past summer. We pulled trailers behind our bicycles with 45 pounds each of camping gear, clothing, food, and bike tools, and hit the road. Although the Appalachian Mountains made it a challenging trip with many ups and downs, biking 420 miles of Blue Ridge Parkway was truly magical.
Jennifer M. of MA

My family held a surprise party for my Aunt's 85th birthday, and I created this 20x30 photo collage as a gift for her. It features a selection of old photos of her taken from 1924 through 1960, which I had scanned in and uploaded to Snapfish. Pictures of her parents, her siblings, and the home in which she grew up were included. The photo collage was a HUGE hit at the party!
Carrie C. of WI

I am a volunteer photographer for the New Zoo in Green Bay, WI. One of my best adventures there was the chance to photograph and hang out with new lion cubs. This is a collage of them when they were 2 months old. It has been a great experience playing with these large kittens. They have the same habits of normal kittens . . . just a smudge bigger. :) They are now around 5 months old and healthier than ever.
Linda K. of PA

This is a collage that I created with my daughter's senior pictures. She's in her senior year of high school and will soon be going off to college. We really are very proud of our young lady and really impressed with the photos that our neighbor took of her. Our neighbor is only 16 years old and is an aspiring photographer! And as for the photos, I liked so many of them, I chose to make a collage for my office.
Bill D. of MA

Summer is a great time of year in New England. There are usually one or two air shows, which my daughter and I attend. In this collage, you can see images from two shows: the Naval Air Station in Westerly Rhode Island and the Air National Guard base in Falmouth, Mass. I have a 100-300 telephoto zoom that helps to catch some of the higher altitude shots and a 28-135 for the static displays on the ground. The highlight of the show is usually a display of precision flying by either the Navy F-18 Blue Angels or the Air Force F-16 Thunder Birds. The day we saw the Blue Angels was clear and blue. For the Cape Cod Air Show, it was a little humid in the morning, hence the moisture streaming off the wings.