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Sherri L.

My daughter and I put a collage poster together for her boyfriend, who left this fall for college. Our original idea was to glue pictures on some tag board and make a poster for his room. We saw similar collage posters at graduation parties this past summer, so we decided to try an electronic collage poster from Snapfish. My daughter liked the poster so much that we decided to order a copy for her, too. We kept all of the pictures the same and just changed the background and font colors to pink for her!
Clarice A. of CT

Last Christmas, I put together a collage of my kids' years of being best buddies. Definitely a trip down memory lane!
Donna T. of IL

We went on a family vacation at the end of June -- the first time our whole family went on a trip together in 12 years. And this time our son's wife and baby joined us, too. We visited my parents, my sister and her three children, and their families in Virginia. It was fun introducing our first grandchild to everyone, since we are very close and stay connected by email and phone. I made this collage poster entitled "Cam's First Vacation 2008" to commemorate the trip for our grandson.
Kim L. of TX

I wanted a way to record my daughter's first year at high school that wouldn't just sit on a shelf. I took some of the best photos from her freshman year and had a collage made at Snapfish for her birthday last summer. It was such a hit that her friends want to do it also, and I am certain there will be a new collage for each year now. It was so easy and turned out so well! Thanks, Snapfish!
Dusti M.

The oldest woman in this collage is my grandmother, Eunice Lee Robbins. She married my grandfather Mitchell so my grandmother is Eunice Lee Robbins-Mitchell. The next adult woman is my mom, Eunice Lee Mitchell. She married my dad whose last name was Marcinek, making mom Eunice Lee Mitchell-Marcinek. The baby in the photo is me, Dusti Marcinek. My married name is Martin, so I'm now Dusti Marcinek-Martin. I simply love this collage!
Mary O. of PA

We have a recent family tradition of Mommy and the kids spending the few days around August 15 with Aunt Joanie (Daddy stays home and does some home projects uninterrupted!). First we go to church for the Dormition service, then Aunt Joanie always plans some places for us to visit, and just indulges the kids' every whim. They love it. This year we went to the Garden State Discovery Museum, a hobby shop full of trains, and, of course, Chuck E. Cheese! Each year, I make her some sort of photo gift to commemorate the visit. Last year I did a Flip Book. This year, when I saw the new Collage Prints, I knew that would be perfect! I can't wait to hear her reaction.
Dee A. of TX

This is an absolutely precious scene caught on film - Papa helping his youngest grandson down to the lake where they join the older grandson for an afternoon of fishing.
Jennifer M. of NY

My father-in-law from Florida spends the summers with us, and I thought making a poster for him would be a great gift from my son, who is five years old. They spend a lot of time doing things together over the few weeks my father-in-law stays with us, and I know they miss each other in the winter months. I think I may make one for my son to hang up in his room, too.
Renee F. of IN

When my brother called to say that he had found the perfect little female kitten, my heart melted. We had wanted a female, but already had two 2-year-old males that were very dominant and territorial. So, we were afraid of how they'd react. I knew that my husband and I would love her, but never thought in a million years that she'd make her way into my 2 male cats' hearts!
Elizabeth B. of SC

Now that my sister and I are both in college, we've grown much closer. We go to schools that are near each other and are able to hang out often. I'll be graduating from my university in May. I wanted to make a collage to hang in my apartment when I graduate, so I can always remember the good times we've had. And so I can look forward to the many more to come!
Karen S. of Heidelberg, Germany

This is a collage of our family taken this fall in Heidelberg, Germany.
Holly G. of NY

My friend Tracy and I signed up for a one-night class to take together. We decided to grab a bite to eat beforehand and then rushed so that we wouldn't miss the class. Turns out we got there and the building was dark: We missed the class completely. So as we got back to the car I yelled, "Now we're full with no education!" and we laughed hysterically. So it will forever be our inside joke.