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Moira P. of CT

I love this collage of one of Cj's first MLB games to see the Mets. This marked a special day for Dad and his son. Cj loves David Wright, #5 and even sings along with the stadium crowd. This collage shows how silly he can get and how he is truly a New York Mets fan. Go Mets!!
Sara F. of NH

Avery was so photogenic for her newborn photo session that we had too many to choose from. She stayed awake for a good portion of it, but was still so photogenic in her sleep! Luckily, my sister was the photographer, so we will have many other photo sessions in the future.
Denise S. of IL

This is a collage of my new grandson throughout the first month of his sleepy little life. Every chance I got, I snapped a picture of him, so we could see the changes month by month, even in his toes.
Sharon D. of MD

My daughter got her first tooth VERY late! It didn't come out until she was 16 months old. This collage poster commemorates the event.
Becky H. of FL

I created this collage to put in my office at work. It turned out so well that I also purchased one to hang in my home. Now, my mom and my sister would like one too. As the caption, I put, "Who knew being a mom could be so great?" It may sound weird to someone else, but I didn't think that I wanted to be a parent, and now that I am one, I know a love like no other. So that statement sums it up for me. I had so much fun making this collage!
Kristi C. of MD

I made this collage as the birth announcement for my son. I love the way it turned out. These photos are from the day he was born in the hospital.
Laury S. of PA

This is a collage I made for my sister (my daughter's Godmother). My sister and I are 10 1/2 years apart and like night and day, but still best friends. I am conservative and dress my 10-month-old daughter girly and like a princess. My sister is more into the Goth things and way more wild with her style. She always joked that she would buy Layla Goth things to wear, and I always joked back that I would never put them on her. One day, my sister was out shopping and found this princess gothic dress. It was a perfect combo of Goth and girlie. She gave it to Layla as a gift. She was so proud of it, so I took a little photo shoot of Layla and made a collage. I got a 16x20 print framed for my sister, and she absolutely LOVED it! It is on her wall and something she really cherishes.
Amy G. of TX

I like to take pictures of kids being KIDS! This is my little girl enjoying a nice, juicy watermelon in hot August!
Connie S. of Toronto

Our daughter Ellie loves hamming it up for pictures. She has so many expressions that a collage was the perfect way to pull together some of our favorite shots!
Misty M. of IN

We adopted a baby girl from Guatemala last year, and Princess Lyza will turn two in November! We went all out this year on everything you can imagine for a princess party - including this collage, which went with the invitation. I was the photographer. I finished photography school this past summer, and this was one of my first "real" photo sessions with my new camera and equipment!
Brandi S. of TN

It hadn't rained in months, and all Cydney wanted to do was play in the rain. So I put a swimsuit on her and sent her out. She was having such a good time and giggling so much, I had to take the opportunity to get some great photos! Then I decided it was so cute, I would make a collage for her grandparents.
Colleen R. of IA

Alexander was 6 months old, and we dressed him up as a monkey for his first Halloween. Then we took him to the garden center just down the street from our house. As you can see he was incredibly helpful, but he was also teething and kept trying to bite the stems! We sent copies of the collage to family all over the country.
Libby B. of MD

This is my youngest grandson, Seth. Our whole family goes on vacation together, and I have so many great photos of all my grandchildren that I made a 4x6 collage card of each child. That way I could take 4 cards to work to hang on my bulletin board without having to handle a multitude of photos. I also made an 8x10 collage of the whole gang.
Annette V. of SD

I created this collage for my husband and my step-daughter with the birth of grandson Corbin in August. The baby is just so adorable! We went to Oregon for a week to visit with the new parents, and it was so heartwarming to see all the love pouring into this baby boy. My husband's daughter is so beautiful and has always welcomed me into her home and heart. I took these photos and created this mostly as a surprise for her.
Sandra Z. from MA

Every year I take photos of my children on the beach near our home. This year my 6 year old wanted to dress up in an old fairy dress up costume she had. I had resisted at first, but you can see the pictures taken at sunset ended up looking magical.
Caroline M. of OH

My husband was out of town on business, and I still had lots of household chores to get done with no one to keep an extra eye on our daughter. My 7-month-old Mya is not mobile yet, so she was quite happy sitting in the laundry basket with blankets watching me fold the laundry. She is such a ham and thought it was very funny playing peek-a-boo between the slats.
Kristin D. of AZ

Here is a collage we created for our youngest son's 3rd Birthday.
Kim D. of TX

I created this collage of my son with some pictures I took at the Pumpkin Patch.
Lynette M. of KY

These half-sisters don't get to see each other very often. So when they do come together, it's always a special time. I wanted to capture their unique bond with a few pictures in our back yard to make the most of this crisp fall day. We enjoyed the last of the autumn leaves before winter stripped them away. The natural light captured the bright colors and loving affection between them. This collage is a great memento for both of them to enjoy until their next visit together.
Erin W. of OR

We found out we were pregnant for the second time two weeks before Christmas. We were so excited to be having another baby, and when we found out it was another boy, we could not have been happier! We knew the joy that little boys bring (and it didn't hurt that we had an entire houseful of hand-me-down clothes and toys from our first). It was the best gift we received that year.
Carrie M. of NC

Fall leaves...a beautiful scene that makes a fun day. My boys had so much fun jumping in the leaves and throwing them on each other. The pictures made me smile so much, I thought, Why not make a Christmas card? So I'm excited to get these in the mail to family and friends.
Anne T. of CA

My sister and I wanted to take some photos of our kids together. They live 1000 miles apart and have no desire to stand around posing in a studio when they finally get to be together. We went to a thrift shop and bought a bunch of silly dresses, hats, and accessories and let them play dress-up. Then all we had to do was stand back and take the pictures. The result was some of the most natural smiles we've ever seen our children produce in pictures.
Shannon H. of MO

In these photos are two of my children and our dog, Babe. My kids love their dog and always follow her around. They seem to go wherever she goes! I love taking pictures of my kids. You never know what they are going to do, so I always have my camera ready when we are outside. The photos in this collage were taken while my kids were playing and, most of the time, didn't even realize I was there.