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Get inspired: African honeymoon

Lisa F.

Snapfish member since 2004

Honeymooning in northern Africa was a dream come true. During my career I've done a lot of fundraising to benefit children living in poverty. Being able to visit a region with so much history of need & rebuilding was particularly meaningful for me. My husband and I also took in plenty of sites along the way. This photo book chronicles our adventures. Every time I pick it up, I'm back in the schoolyards, on the green hills of Rwanda, hiking with endangered gorillas, or on safari in Kenya.

Lisa's book:

Format: 8x11 Custom Photo Cover
Theme: Travel

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Themes bring your trip home

Choose a design theme that reflects your trip. I chose the Travel theme with backgrounds such as woven mats and large fronds that capture the spirit of Africa. They're the perfect complement to my photos, bringing our travel story to life on each page.

Animals add to the enjoyment

We spent a huge part of our honeymoon seeing the spectacular wildlife of Africa. In our photo book, pictures of animals sit alongside those of people we met, my husband, and me. The layouts look really fun, and anyone flipping through the pages can tell how impressed we were by each majestic creature. Now we have a three-year-old daughter and she loves to identify the animals as well as Mommy and Daddy. Our whole family enjoys it again and again.

Custom covers draw people in

We were lucky enough to come home with some really amazing photos. One of my favorites is of my husband and me on safari, so I decided to use it as our book's cover. A big, vibrant photo of your smiling face makes everyone want to look inside.

Final Thoughts

On our honeymoon, we took amazing photos of the animals of Africa. Our photo book displays them perfectly, telling the story of our travels. It turned out so well that we use it as a coffee table book. Everyone who sees it is really impressed, and we can relive our trip of a lifetime anytime we want. I've ordered several for family and friends so they can see Africa through our eyes.