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Get inspired: Baby Book

Greta Harding

Snapfish art director and new mom

I made this book for my son, Lorenzo, so he'll know the story of his life from the very beginning. I was careful to use photos that shared a mini-event, like his first day home, snuggle time with dad, and so on, so that each page would unfold with love and give him a sense of the joy he has brought us from day one.

Greta's book:

Format: 8x11 Custom Dust Jacket
Theme: Tiny Boy

Starting at  $29.99

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Fun backgrounds add to the story

I chose the Tiny Boy theme because it has a nice mix of modern graphics and colors. The fresh designs, like stripes and color blocks, on each page help keep the story engaging.

Weave the story together with one-of-a-kind details

What better way to show Lorenzo he belongs than a photo demonstrating how much he looked like me at 2-weeks old? It was easy to scan and upload the photo of me from my baby book.

Take a photo once a week and see what develops

Lorenzo is growing so fast I decided to take a photo of him once a week, same time, same place. It's amazing how quickly the weeks pass and how I'm able to watch him grow up before my eyes. This is my favorite project, it's worth all the effort.

Final Thoughts

I ordered one of these books for Lorenzo, as well as two more to give each set of grandparents. I also ordered 5" x 7" softcover versions of this book to give to aunts and uncles who haven't yet been able to meet Lorenzo. They all loved the book and told me to keep ‘em coming. Good luck creating your baby book!