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Get inspired: European Voyage

Amy S.

Snapfish member since 2004

My dream trip to Europe inspired my photo book. I visited five countries in three weeks and had the time of my life! The Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, Vatican, Coliseum, and Acropolis were just a few of the highlights. I took pictures of every awe-inspiring wonder so that I could relive my trip over and over again. Every time I go through my photo book, it makes me want to travel.

Amy's book:

Format: 8x11 Classic Linen
Theme: Travel

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Lay out photos with feeling

Looking at my photo book, it feels like my trip was just yesterday. Excitement, wonder, and admiration — with the right layout, all of your emotions come rushing back. For full artistic control, choose layouts based on the number of photos you have. You can also use Magic Layouts that do the work for you. Drag and drop your photos onto the page and Magic Layouts do the rest.

Write descriptions to remember

Write descriptions of your photos to tell the story of your trip. I took notes as I traveled, keeping track of the many landmarks and pieces of art that touched me. These notes allowed me to do extra research when I got home. Now anyone who picks up my photo book can learn about a site and why it’s significant to me and to the world.

Create a monumental experience

Complement your notes by photographing the nameplates, informational materials, sketches, and historical photos next to landmarks. I took a lot of these types of photos in Greece in particular. Everything was really well marked. Now anyone looking through my photo book can experience exactly what I saw. Descriptions are right there, straight from the landmarks.

Final Thoughts

My photo book lets me reminisce about my travels over and over again. In seconds, I'm transported back to Paris, Berlin, Athens, and Rome. I can relive my trip of a lifetime whenever I want, and that's a really powerful thing.