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Get inspired: Grandma's Angel

Melanie F. (Grandma Lollie)

Snapfish member since 2007

My grandson Levi truly is my angel. However, raising three sons before being blessed with a grandson has taught me a thing or two about children: I know that even the best babies have some not-so-angelic days. I also know that they always come back around to being angels again in the end. I was inspired to create this book, really a poem, for my grandson so that he would know that even on the very worst days, things will always get better.

Melanie’s book:

Format: 8x8 Custom Photo Cover
Theme: Tiny Boy

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Remember the good and bad times

I created this book for my grandson so that someday when he gets older and can read it, he will treasure it. He may not remember those difficult baby days, but this book will remind him that even when he was having a horrible time, he was still very much loved.

Capture it in verse

I love writing poems to my grandson — poems about things we’ve done together and about the kind of person I want him to be. I already had some fabulous photos of Levi that inspired me to create this photo book, which happened after a particularly bad day. Once I had my poem down, I staged some more photos to allow the book to tell the right story.

Let your photos tell the story

Simplicity is best when telling a story. I chose the Tiny Boy theme to add some color and style to the backgrounds, but made my photos the main focus. I also tried to select images that showed what Levi was feeling at the time, from anger and naughty behavior to absolute exhaustion and, finally, the angelic peacefulness of sleep.

Final Thoughts

I think my friends and family (especially my son and daughter-in-law) enjoy these books as much as I've enjoyed creating them. They hold memories we will all treasure forever. Our first granddaughter is due any day now, and I have a new book all ready to welcome her into the world — I only have to add the photos! I’ve created a new one for Levi as well, all about being a good big brother. I hope they will keep their books long after I'm gone, so they can always remember how much their Grandma “Lollie” cherished them.