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- Will Establish More Than 25,000 Distribution Locations by the End of the Year
- Launches Industry-First Strategy with Six Initial Partners; Targets Consumers at Popular Picture Taking Locations - Tourist Destinations, Maternity Wards, Orlando Flights

SAN FRANCISCO - October 17, 2000 - Snapfish, a Kodak-backed online film developer, today announced the company's offline "Point-of-Picture" (POP) strategy to place free film processing in the hands of consumers where they are taking photographs. Through a network of offline partners, Snapfish will distribute Snapfish free postage-paid film mailers directly to target audience, including new parents and vacationing families. Families vacationing in Orlando, hitting the ski slopes or pacing a hospital maternity ward can pick up Snapfish mailers and instantly send off their film for free processing, free prints on Kodak paper, free scanning and free online sharing.

From its launch in April, Snapfish has targeted the more than 90% of Americans who own a 35 mm camera and helped them ease into the world of digital photography. This innovative POP strategy marks an industry-first aggressive offline customer acquisition strategy that offers 35 mm film users all of the benefits of digital photography. As a result, Snapfish has a unique opportunity to reach these film camera users in the physical world.

Gibboney Huske of Credit Suisse First Boston said, "Snapfish continues to find new and inexpensive ways to acquire customers. First, free processing and prints, now Point of Picture."

On Monday Snapfish announced its first POP partnership with Delta Express, the low-fare carrier of Delta Air Lines. On flights departing from Orlando, Florida, flight attendants will offer passengers Snapfish mailers so they can have their vacation photos developed and scanned for free.

"Snapfish built an extensive network of offline 'Point-of-Picture' partners to reach our target market at popular photo destinations," said Raj Kapoor, CEO and co-founder of Snapfish. "Wherever consumers take photos, Snapfish will be there."

Snapfish offers 35 mm film customers developing, scanning, online storing and sharing, as well as prints on Kodak paper and negatives - all for free. Users simply mail their film in a free, postage-paid film mailer. Snapfish sends their negatives and a full set of free prints on Kodak paper in the mail for each roll they send to Snapfish. Snapfish also creates free, password-protected online albums where customers can share with friends, order reprints and caption and rotate the pictures. Customers pay only $1.69 per roll for shipping and handling of the prints for up to 24 rolls every 12 months. Snapfish also offers a complete solution for digital camera users including free uploading, free storage, free online sharing and easy online ordering of reprints and enlargements on Kodak paper.

Initial POP Network Partners
Snapfish launches the POP network with six initial partners. In addition to Delta Express, they include:

  • Certified Folder Display Service will distribute Snapfish mailers at thousands of visitor information sites in the western United States, including hotels, rental car agencies and travel centers. Certified is the nation's largest professional brochure distribution and display service.
  • Four international tour operators, Kingdom Vacations, Tropical Adventures, Dive Tours and Adventure Express will distribute more than 500,000 Snapfish mailers to travelers as they receive tickets and trip information via mail.
  • MapWest, the premier visitor map and guide publisher for the San Francisco Bay Area, will distribute Snapfish mailers in the company's San Francisco and Fisherman's Wharf maps. MapWest's free publications are distributed from Carmel to Sacramento, online at and throughout top visitor spots in the Bay Area. Tourists can now take advantage of Snapfish's free online photo service to easily share the memories of their trip to the "City by the Bay." With more than 16 million tourists visiting each year, San Francisco presents Snapfish with an opportunity to generate new customers from across the country.
  • PictureMark, an event photography company that sells photos at concerts, theme parks, and cruise ships to individuals, will distribute more than one million Snapfish mailers annually at a variety of events. In addition, the company will post PictureMark's photos taken at the events on Snapfish's password-protected Web site, making it easy for individuals to view and share their memories. Once online, it's easy to share their photos of the event with friends and family, as well as order reprints and enlargements.
  • Primedia, Inc., one of America's largest publishing groups, will distribute more than 50 million Snapfish mailers in publications such as American Baby, Modern Bride and Shutterbug. In addition, Primedia will distribute almost 20 million Snapfish mailers in sampler packages delivered directly to new parents at hospital maternity wards.
  • Silversand, a professional baby portrait company that offers new parents a personalized photo session of their new babies in the comfort of their own homes, will put Snapfish mailers into the hands of more than 175,000 new parents when photographers arrive to take the portraits. In addition, the babies' portraits will be posted on Snapfish's password-protected Web site. New parents can now share their babies' images with friends and family online, as well as order reprints and enlargements through Snapfish's easy-to-use service.

Smart Offline Marketing Efforts Continue
The POP campaign builds upon Snapfish's smart and efficient marketing strategy to reach consumers offline at the time they take pictures. Other offline components include a print advertising campaign, launched in July 2000. The ads contain a pullout Snapfish mailer placed adjacent to the print advertisement. Snapfish continues to target specific markets by including mailers in such publications as Delta's Sky magazine -- Delta Air Lines' in-flight magazine, to capture leisure travelers on vacation.

The award-winning Snapfish business model provides both film-based and digital camera users the ability to seamlessly and effortlessly share, store and order reprints with unsurpassed security. Snapfish is privately held and backed by Kodak, Mayfield Fund, CMGI@Ventures, the affiliated venture capital arm of CMGI, Inc., Trans Cosmos, Audax Ventures, BellSouth, Compaq, and additional private investors. Its executive team hails from Excite@Home, Genentech, Cisco Systems and Del Monte. The company is based in San Francisco.

With consumer photography representing a $14.90 billion market in the United States alone, Snapfish is positioned to redefine the consumer photography industry and provide consumers with breakthrough benefits in online photography. Additional information and terms and conditions of Snapfish services are available at the company's Web site at

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