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Snapfish and American Zoo and Aquarium Association Launch Strategic Initiative; Contribute to Global Wildlife Conservation Efforts

Industry-first program offers families free photo services wherever they're taking pictures

SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK - November 20, 2000 - Corporation, the leading online photo destination for digital and film developing, printing and sharing, and the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA), which represents 188 zoological parks and aquariums in North America, today announced a pilot program designed to offer Snapfish's free online photo services to more than one million zoo and aquarium visitors during a three-month campaign commencing in December.

Seven AZA accredited zoos and aquariums will distribute free, postage-paid Snapfish film mailers to their adult visitors during the campaign. From December 2000 through February 2001 visitors to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Jacksonville Zoo, South Carolina's Riverbanks Zoo, Phoenix Zoo, Aquarium of the Pacific at Long Beach, Los Angeles Zoo and Miami Metrozoo will be given a co-branded Snapfish/AZA mailer featuring the AZA's new spokescritter, Aza. This will enable them to instantly register for the free Snapfish service and mail in their 35 mm film. For each new Snapfish customer these AZA institutions generate, Snapfish will contribute both to the facility and to AZA's wildlife conservation efforts.

"Snapfish built an extensive network of offline 'Point-of-Picture' partners to reach our target market at popular photo destinations," said Raj Kapoor, CEO and co-founder of Snapfish. "Our relationship with AZA enables Snapfish to reach consumers who are known photo enthusiasts as they're taking pictures."

Snapfish helps families stay connected through photographs. For each roll of film customers mail in, Snapfish offers developing, scanning, negatives and a full set of quality prints, all for free. Customers simply mail their film in free, postage-paid Snapfish film mailers and pay just $1.69 per roll for shipping and handling of their prints for up to 24 rolls every 12 months. Snapfish creates password-protected online photo albums for each user to store, caption and share favorite photos. Digital camera users can upload, store and share photos for free. All customers can easily order affordable, high-quality reprints, frames, cameras, custom greeting cards and other photo merchandise from Snapfish.

"We think this pilot program will benefit all parties involved. It benefits visitors by presenting an easy-to-use, quality photo service, while also providing much needed funds for our conservation programs," said Sydney J. Butler, Executive Director of AZA. "Taking the family to an AZA-accredited zoo or aquarium is a great way to spend time and learn about conservation. With this partnership with Snapfish, people can take pictures, share memories and help zoos and aquariums conserve wildlife and wild places."

About Snapfish
The award-winning Snapfish business model is positioned to redefine the photography industry by offering families the category's best value and the easiest way to stay connected through photos. Based in San Francisco, Snapfish is privately held by Kodak, Compaq, Bell South, CMGI @ Ventures, Mayfield Fund, Trans Cosmos, Audax Ventures, and additional private investors. Additional information and terms and conditions of Snapfish services are available at the company's Web site at

About AZA
The American Zoo and Aquarium Association was founded in 1924 and currently represents 188 accredited zoos and aquariums in North America. AZA's mission is to support membership excellence in conservation, education, science and recreation. In 1999, over 131 million people visited AZA accredited zoos and aquariums. AZA member facilities go far beyond the daily care and husbandry of animals - - in 1999 alone, they supported nearly 700 conservation and research projects in 80 countries. Every year, zoos and aquariums host hundreds of formal and informal education programs, teaching visitors about wildlife and their habitats, as well as what they can do to help preserve the wonders of the wild. Additional information about AZA, its members and conservation programs can be found at

About Proprietary Media
The strategic relationship between Snapfish and AZA was developed and will be overseen by Proprietary Media, a for-profit, New York-based company that has an exclusive licensing agreement with AZA to create a national branding campaign including the creation of its first-ever spokescritter. Proprietary Media facilitates national sponsorship and strategic relationships for AZA and its participating AZA member institutions. Additional information about Proprietary Media, and its relationship with AZA can be found at

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