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AT&T PrePaid Web Cents® Technology 'Clicks' with Snapfish Online Photo Service

New Snapfish prepaid digital print card coming soon to 7-Eleven® stores

MORRISTOWN, N.J. - AT&T today announced that Snapfish, a leading provider of online photography services, will introduce a new specialty-content card using AT&T PrePaid Web Cents® technology, that will be available at 7-Eleven® stores in April.

"Last week AT&T helped introduce the RealRhapsody prepaid music card at 7-Eleven stores, and today we have another great launch with Snapfish, a premier provider of online photography services," said Mark Evans, vice president of marketing and sales for AT&T Prepaid Services. "Consumers are increasingly turning to the Web for many products and services that traditionally have been available only at retail outlets. However, demand for online music, photography, and similar digital goods, continues to grow at an explosive rate, and an increasing number of content providers realize that AT&T PrePaid Web Cents® technology can help them reach new and untapped markets."

The Snapfish prepaid card, when available in April at participating 7-Eleven stores, will sell for $9.99, and provide consumers with 40 professionally developed, 4" x 6" prints from their digital camera, and include a credit for free shipping and handling. Also, first-time Snapfish users will receive an additional 10 prints for free, reducing the price per print to as low as 20¢, much less than the cost of home printing. The Snapfish prepaid card also provides free, unlimited online photo sharing and storage, as well as access to free photo editing software on the Snapfish Web site (

"AT&T is clearly the major player in prepaid phone card distribution and technology, and it makes perfect sense that we'd team up with them to provide our new prepaid digital print card to retailers throughout the United States," said Paul Schumer, vice president of marketing and sales for Snapfish. "As the 'world's networking company,' AT&T, through its PrePaid Web Cents® technology, allows Snapfish to offer its online photography services with quality, security, and convenience to all consumers."

With Snapfish, consumers can instantly share photos with friends and family worldwide, right from their computer, enhancing the experience of photography, whether they use a film camera or are part of the growing number of those who have "gone digital." Since its launch in April 2000, Snapfish has attracted more than 7 million users and become one of the leading online photography services. When consumers upload their digital photos to the Snapfish Web site, they are able to order film-quality prints on Kodak paper and have them delivered right to their door. They also receive a password-protected online album they can use to edit, organize and share their photos. With just about the strongest pricing in the category, and a level of quality that has earned awards and praise throughout the photo industry, Snapfish offers a great value.

The expanding portfolio of specialty-content cards supported by AT&T PrePaid Web Cents technology and available at over 20,000 nationwide retailers includes:

Introduced in April 2003, AT&T PrePaid Web Cents Service is a secure payment alternative for consumer purchases of online content. AT&T's full-service program enables content providers to offer consumers a way to prepay for online content by purchasing specialty cards in traditional retail outlets, such as 7-Eleven stores. Each line of specialty cards carries a specific content provider's brand and is used exclusively to purchase that provider's online content on its site.

AT&T manages the retail supply chain: production, warehousing, inventory, fulfillment and point-of-sale activation of the content providers' specialty cards, as well as day-to-day management of vendor relationships and retail operations. In addition, AT&T can handle all transaction-processing functions: PIN database management, payment authentication, customer e-care and settlements with retailers.

More information on AT&T PrePaid Web Cents Service (, as well as AT&T PrePaid Phone Cards and AT&T PrePaid Internet Service, is available at

About AT&T
For more than 125 years, AT&T (NYSE "T") has been known for unparalleled quality and reliability in communications. Backed by the research and development capabilities of AT&T Labs, the company is a global leader in local, long distance, Internet and transaction-based voice and data services.

About Snapfish
Snapfish is the leading online photo service, with five million members and more than 100 million photos online. Snapfish enables both film and digital camera owners to share, print and store their most important photo memories at prices that cannot be equaled - online or off. Digital camera users upload their photos into a password-protected online album they can use to edit, share and store their photos for free, in addition to ordering film-quality prints, on Kodak paper, for as low as25¢ each. Customers sending film to Snapfish get a full set of prints on Kodak paper, plus online sharing and storage, for just $2.99 per roll. Snapfish has been rated the number one online photo service in surveys from PC Data and received top quality ratings from Popular Photography and Yahoo! Internet Life. Additional information is available at