Kristen McEntire

Vacationers Find Discount Film Developing and Easy Picture Sharing Online

SAN FRANCISCO - May 24, 2001 - As gas prices skyrocket and consumer confidence falls, summer travelers are turning to the Internet for great values on everything from flights to photo developing. According to Kristen McEntire of Snapfish, families who use an online photo service to develop their vacation photos can cut their photo developing expenses by more than 80 percent.

Snapfish - - develops, digitizes and prints photos from film cameras, digital cameras or single-use (disposable) cameras for less than $2 per roll plus shipping and handling.

"A family that develops just one roll of film per month would spend up to "+$200+" at the local photo lab each year -- and that doesn't include enlargements, reprints, or posting photos online," Snapfish spokesperson Kristen McEntire said. "Using an online photo service like Snapfish can save money, time and trips to the store without sacrificing quality."

McEntire's photo trips for travelers:

  • Give each child a single-use (disposable) camera and encourage them to take pictures throughout the trip. Snapfish develops single-use cameras, puts the pictures online in password-protected albums for easy sharing, and always includes a full set of quality prints on Kodak paper.

  • Why not upload digital camera photos from the road? Create unique online albums and share them with friends back home, and they can order their own prints. Digital camera users can upload, store and share photos for free.

  • Register at and receive free postage-paid film mailers. Bring along the mailers when you travel and drop the film in any U.S. mailbox. The prints might even be at home before you are.

  • Create custom postcards with a favorite family photo. Pick out the stamp and Snapfish will even mail it! If you stayed with friends on your vacation, custom postcards make great "Thank You" notes.
Snapfish offers film developing, a full set of prints on Kodak paper and password-protected online sharing. To get started, simply register at and use free, postage-paid film mailers to send in film. In about a week you'll receive an email when the photos are available online for viewing and sharing. Within the second week, your negatives and a full set of prints on Kodak paper will arrive in the mail.

Digital camera users get free uploads, storage and password-protected online photo albums that make it easy to add captions, share the photos and order enlargements and reprints.

The company is based in San Francisco. Additional information and terms and conditions of Snapfish services are available at the company's Web site at

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