Make Special Dates Shine with a Custom Photo Calendar

Hello, 2016! Resolve to organize your family’s busy schedules with calendars featuring your fabulous photos. Our wonderful Snapfish bloggers transformed blank calendars into the must-have wall accessory of the new year with the help of our new creative tools. Today, we’re sharing calendar snaps and ideas from Allison of All For The Boys, who shows how you can keep track of all the important dates in one place.

Excerpt from All For The Boys:

I LOVE photos. So much. I have them throughout the house and every single one makes me smile. Guests love checking out photos when they come over too, they tell so much about your life! I have used Snapfish since I photographed with a film camera and had to mail my film in. They used to develop and then mail back the photos while also keeping a digital copy online, which I thought was the coolest. Obviously archiving and sharing your photos is a bit different now, but I still love photos just as much! I wanted to share how we incorporated lots of fun photos while staying organized AND have it blend in with our décor.

The best part about this calendar is that you can personalize the days with notes or photos. Just do yourself a favor and make sure you know what day your anniversary is before you print. I hilariously put our photo on the wrong day and I’ll never live it down (I’ll be scrapbooking this after the month is over for sure).

I mixed some family photos along with some favorite detail shots from the last year or so. It will be fun to see a new photo displayed each month along with the photos for your birthdays (including the dogs).

Thanks for these fun ideas, Allison! Check out the full blog post to see more of her beautiful calendar. Already inspired? Start your calendar!

Photos courtesy of All For The Boys.