Show off sweet season’s greetings with these creative card displays!

Spend fun times with the family creating festive holiday card wreath displays

In the midst of an odd year, we’re all for sharing smiles any way possible. For many, this means sending holiday cards featuring their favorite photos and happy faces. (No photo? No worries — we have plenty of incredible non-photo cards to send to your loved ones!) 

Whether you’re sending or just receiving cards this year, it’s always fun to find a special way to showcase these season’s greetings around your home. Lucky for you, we’ve got some inspiration ahead!

Peg cards on wreaths and garlands

Create a completely one-of-a-kind card wreath

A big, green wreath always makes a gorgeous decoration fit for the season… But what if you made one that was uniquely you? We’ve got step-by-step instructions to create a photo print wreath, but you should give this a try with the holiday cards you receive this year! It’s fun for you (and the little ones, too!) to add Christmas cards to your custom wreath as they arrive in the mail. 

Hang holiday cards on festive wreaths

Hang your wreath in a special spot in your home next to a set of custom Christmas stockings to enjoy every day. Better yet, you can entertain your delivery people and neighbors alike by hanging it on your front door! This sweet keepsake will make you smile all season and is a great way to display your holiday cards with festive flair. 

Peg Christmas cards to garlands wound on staircase bannisters

DIY a garland or banner using holiday cards

Looking for a larger display for your Christmas, New Year, and holiday cards this season? Why not create a gorgeous garland to wind down the bannister or across your mantel! Grab strands of garland from your favorite store, and embellish it with ribbons, bows, bells, and more. Make it perfectly match your décor! Then, attach all of your incoming holiday cards to it using clothespins. This creates a lovely and lively display that will make you smile each time you pass by.

Peg holiday cards on modern metal wire

Greenery not your thing? Try creating a simple banner out of the cards that come in the mail! You can check out our easy-to-follow instructions here, but all you have to do is cut the cards into triangular shapes, punch some holes in the top, and string them together. You could also leave them in tact so as not to lose any of the photos or sweet messages that your cards contain. Just attach each card using clothespins or binder clips to a piece of twine or ribbon, and you’ve got a beautiful banner to add to your mantel, staircase, or even just to hang across your wall.

Peg Christmas cards onto fairy lights for added sparkle

Display each creative card on your wall

If you’re on the hunt for a more unique way to show off your seasonal sentiments, look no further! There are loads of fun displays that require only some wall space or a door. We love seeing holiday cards hung horizontally on some twinkly lights. Just attach each card to the string of lights using a clothespin or binder clip for a simple but sweet showcase.

Create Xmas Tree Displays on your wall using Christmas Cards

If you’re really feeling the Christmas spirit, it’s easy to turn the cards you receive into an extra tree! Add some ribbon or shimmery garland to your wall in the shape of a Christmas tree using tape. Then add the cards, adorn with some bows, and more to make your display look like a fully-decorated Christmas tree! You could even hang some extra Christmas ornaments along the ribbon for an added touch. In fact, you could simplify this even further by just attaching your holiday cards to the wall in the shape of an evergreen tree — this creates a cool geometric effect. Add a decorative basket or bucket beneath your display to hold gifts for a unique look this holiday season. 

Have fun creating DIY Xmas decorations with the family

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