Word Play: 5 Tips For Adding Text to Photo Books

We know you love incorporating text and embellishments into your custom photo books. We also know that it can be a total bummer when you have the PERFECT photo, but the background is too busy to add a name, favorite phrase, or inside joke. Keep these five photo tips in your back pocket the next time you plan to add text to your photo book. Read on to get wordy!


1. The sky’s the limit

The sky is a wonderful canvas. Point your camera at the sky and frame the shot with spring blooms, palm trees, or amusement rides. Whether text is placed against a clear blue sky, fluffy clouds, or a sunset, your words will shine.


2. Picking sides

Place your subject to the left or right side of the frame, leaving negative space on one side for text. You can always crop your photo to the desired size to achieve this effect. This composition gets two paws up from us!


3. Writing on the wall

Photograph your subject against a solid backdrop like a painted wall, leafy hedge, or good-lookin’ white fence to provide a solid backdrop for your text.


4. Contrasting color

We get all heart-eyes-emoji seeing contrasting colors that pop, like this hot pink text. Also, the thicker the font, the better it will read against any background.


5. Embellish a little

Shape embellishments can also be used as backgrounds when you want to give your text a little something extra! We paired a heart with a washi tape embellishment over this photo.

There are a million ways to use type, so show us what you got! Start making your photo book.

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