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Photo Mugs

Perk up your pantry with one or more of our custom photo mugs.

Ceramic Mugs

Travel Mugs

Colorful Mugs

Collage Mugs + Drinkware

Some of our favorite designs

Whatever you're into, we have the perfect design to match your style.

Customized drinkware for hot and cold drinks – at home or on-the-go


Savor every sip!

Know someone who loves a morning coffee or tea – or likes to take a drink with them on the go? We have the perfect present. Our wide array of drinkware from 11oz ceramic photo mugs to insulated tumblers and travel mugs are perfect for hot drinks and our enamel campfire mugs, insulated wine cups & insulated water bottles are ideal if you like to sip your drinks on-the-go. Our drinkware range allows you to design thoughtful, stylish, practical presents that will be appreciated by a variety of people, from busy moms on the school run, college students running late to class to Dad - or anyone – on their commute.


Why order Snapfish printed mugs and drinkware?

  • Quick & easy to create on the website or photo app
  • Snapfish custom ceramic mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe; we recommend you wash the insulated drinkware by hand to retain the crisp imagery
  • Wide array of design templates and embellishments to suit every occasion. Add names, initials, photos and customized message to make a truly unique gift
  • Insulated tumblers & travel mugs come with or without easy grip handle. The tapered base fits most cup holders and being insulated can keep drinks hot or cold
  • Variety of mug formats & colors
  • Unique template options make them the perfect gift for anyone

Create unique & personalized mugs easily


Mugs, printed with photos or text, make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Whether you choose a single photo, a collage photo mug layout, or you create a mug using one of our non-photo designs – your friends and family will love the thought and time you have put into designing this unique photo gift.

You can customize your mug online using our creative designs or create one on the go, using our simple photo app options. Photo mugs are a great way of seeing your favorite pictures with every sip; they are also very functional (and dishwasher proof) option. Plus being reusable they are better for the environment and you can use them in the microwave to warm up those forgotten hot drinks too.


Keep favorite faces, views, memories and inspirational quotes with you at home, or on the commute. We’ve created a broad range of designs and layouts so all you need to do is add photos and a custom message to suit. Once the products are produced, your unique product will be delivered within the week.


Choose from our range of ceramic coffee mugs

Photo Mug Inspiration

Let yourself be inspired by the personalized mugs & drinkware ideas on the blog. Discover the many ideas for creating custom photo mugs.

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Frequently asked Mugs + Drinkware questions

How can I start a custom mug project?

On the website. click PHOTO GIFTS at the top of the screen to see Mugs & Drinkware categories, or on the App select Mugs & Drinkware from the tiles on the SHOP screen. Thumb through the mug options, and when you find one you like, click it to see product details. Then click MAKE THIS PRODUCT to continue. Some products like coffee mugs come in multiple sizes, so if you have a choice, select the SIZE you want on the description page before you click the button. Next you need to select the photo (or photos) you want to include and click ADD TO PROJECT. Your workspace will open, allowing you to drag and drop your photos into the photo slots. If there is only one photo slot, you can change the layout to include more for most mug products. Remember you can select a background and in many cases a COLOR, TEXTURE, or choose from a COLLECTION. If your photo covers the entire mug then the background color doesn't matter. If your layout has spaces between photos, the background color will show. EDIT your photos if you wish. To do this click on the photo you wish to edit, and the editing menu will appear. You can CROP a photo, desaturate the color, or DELETE a photo from a photo slot. You can change the size of the photos on some products by dragging the corner of the photo to your desired size. You can also reposition the photos in the layout by dragging the photos from one place to another or select SHUFFLE to see your photos in different layouts and positions. Add embellishments if you'd like - there are a lot to choose from. Finally, you can add text. You can change TEXT COLOR, FONT, SIZE, and ALIGNMENT. Now SAVE your project and title it so you can find it later. And make sure to PREVIEW it. If you like what you see, select ADD TO CART and you're ready to either check out or continue shopping. Check out our How To Create A Custom Mug Video Tutorial on YouTube.

What photo resolution does my image need to be for the mug?

Mugs typically show smaller images than you would show on a photo book or photo canvas print, so you can use photos from your Facebook, Instagram and Flickr social media accounts (ideal for photo collages) as well as photos saved in your Snapfish account (via the website or app) or uploaded from your mobile phone or PC. We always check the photo resolution before you order a product. If we think the photo isn't large enough to meet the Snapfish standard, you’ll see a warning telling you that the image resolution is too low for the size of the photo space you are adding the image to, and the printed image may appear blurry or pixelated. To fix the problem, select another layout, image size or photo selected.


Can I start my mug project on the app and finish it on the web (or vice versa)


Currently, mug designs started in the app cannot be competed through the website (or vice versa) but they are coming soon. You can access your web projects and open/edit them in your browser. Just go to the Saved Projects screen, and click "Web" to see your projects. Clicking "Continue in Browser" takes you to the login screen, and once you've logged in, you can edit the project.

Need more answers? Visit our Help pages or watch our How To video

Can I create a customized mug on the Snapfish Photo App?

Yes. You can create a personalized mug on both the website or app. Due to screen size constraints, some of the design layouts are only available on the website.

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