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The foundation of any holiday card is the design you choose, so it's worth spending some time finding a design you love. There's no magic formula for this-a design might immediately click with you, or you may need to think about which one conveys your family's personality. Whatever your approach, we're delighted to offer you hundreds of new selections. Plus, check out our Designer Boutique for exclusive designs you can't find anywhere else.
Often, you know what you want to say, just not how to say it. No worries, this holiday we've included a list of holiday greetings for you to use.
  • Have everyone in the family help out by signing cards, adding stamps, or decorating envelopes.
  • You can have your return address printed on our greeting card envelopes for free.
  • Include a handwritten note if possible.
  • Further personalize your cards with a photo stamp.

Whether you use a professional portrait or a snapshot from a family vacation, holiday photo cards are a great way to stay connected to family and friends.

If you're using a photo and don't have a digital file, you can scan and upload the image. Remember, we have great editing tools to help you tweak your photo. To learn more about creating a great holiday photo, visit our Holiday Photo Tips & Ideas page.

If you don't have time to take a picture just for the holidays, don't worry-you probably already have a great photo. One of these ideas might work.
  • School holiday pageant
  • Kids' outing or adventure
  • Family vacation photos
  • Kids' sports photos
  • Family reunions
  • Talent show or recital
  • Photos from last holiday
  • Kids' holiday art

Display the holiday photo cards you received, year round. Convert an old bulletin board or your refrigerator door into the perfect backdrop to enjoy those beautiful smiles and cute kids for more that just the holiday season.