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take better photos: Halloween
scare up terrific Halloween photos with our tips for lighting, shots, and more.
 Why shoot black and white? Get uncluttered shots
Whether photographing costumes, decorations, parties or Halloween parades, pick important details and zero in with a close-up. By doing this, you'll avoid a common photography error: cluttered pictures with no discernable subject or not enough detail.

Get in close and focus on one aspect of a costume-in this case, the makeup. You can also narrow the focus of your photos with color. Try snapping a field of orange pumpkins, for example.
 Explore contrast Add extra light inside pumpkins
To take pumpkin pictures that really shine, you need to let the light through-and add extra wattage. Try cutting extra-large openings for eyes and big, jagged smiles. Use two or three candles or a flashlight inside the pumpkin.
 Add drama and emotion to portraits Take photos at twilight
Twilight is an ideal time to take pictures because the remaining light in the sky is very dramatic. During twilight, we suggest using a tripod or a fill flash.

Your camera's automatic flash will come on at night, but for better results, turn it off and use a flashlight to illuminate spooky subjects from the side or below. Also, use the Night Portrait setting on your HP camera, which uses flash and a long exposure. To avoid blurry results, use a tripod.
 Black and white shot ideas Terrific trick or treat shots
If you're welcoming children to your door, work with a partner: Have one person open the door and greet the kids while the other snaps away. When taking your kids trick-or-treating, position yourself so that you can photograph them as they receive treats.
 Black and white camera settings Halloween photo gifts
After Halloween is over, use Snapfish to print your photos. You can even create your own personalized stationary set, magnets or a collage poster to capture the fun Halloween memories. Visit our store for even more ideas.