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Maia W. of San Francisco sent us
her tips and ideas for showcasing
kids' art with a calendar the family
will love 365 days a year.

After watching her kids' artwork pile up, Maia decided to scan their favorite pieces so that she could store and share them more easily. She creates a new calendar every year, so that no masterpiece gets lost or forgotten.

Since each month can feature up to three images, a calendar is the perfect way to display lots of pictures and drawings. Plus, the kids will enjoyhelping you make a calender by adding titles, captions, and by sputting their own photo and name on special dates like birthdays, holidays, or the first day of school.

Calendars are an easy, creative gift to share with grandparents and friends - it's the perfect way to enjoy the kids' art all year long! create a calendar

All of those masterpieces can start to pile up, but scanning your child's artwork and saving it on your computer is a great way to preserve your favorite pieces.

Once you're ready to upload art to Snapfish, choose the "Large Print Upload" option so that your files will upload at the highest resolution. This ensures that your photo gifts are the best quality.

If you don't have a scanner, you can photograph their art. Be sure to lay it against a plain, white background, zoom in close enough to see details, and use a flash.

You can easily crop, rotate, or adjust the brightness of your digital images with our free editing tools. Click on "edit & organize" and then "fix & enhance" on your photos page to get started.


It is their artwork, after all! They'll love turning their own art into gifts like calendars, photo books, and postcards. They might even have a few creative suggestions for captions and titles.