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build community at your school

Get to know the parents, teachers, and students at your school with these fun photo activities.

share photos in
group rooms
Forget sharing and sorting-now all parents and teachers from one classroom or team can post their photos in one place! It's the perfect way to keep track of your kids' activities throughout the year.

  Parents and teachers can:
Share all class-, club-, or
  team-related photos in a
  private, secure room
Get everyone's best photos
  in one central location
Avoid clogging up Inboxes by emailing photos or posting online
Use the message board for class/team messages
Make photo books or yearbooks and allow anyone to purchase
Control both user access and content
  create a group room

hold a photography contest
Photography is a great tool for teaching kids to investigate their world. Choose a theme, and hold a photography contest in your school. Display the winning photographs in the classroom or the halls of the school.
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publish your school yearbook

It's never been easier to publish a school yearbook. Just upload your photos to Snapfish and create a beautiful photo book.

It's also a great money-saver. Just place the yearbook in a group room, and invite students to buy it there. With no ordering ahead, there's no cost to the school. Or use it as a fundraiser, by ordering ahead and then adding a charge.

1  create a group room
    Begin by uploading your school photos to a group room. Invite
    all members of the yearbook staff and any involved parents
    and teachers to join the room and upload their school-related

2  create a photo book
    From the Group Room, click "create" in the menu to the right,
    and click "gifts" in the list below. From there, click the
    "photo books" square near the center of the page.

3  backgrounds, captions, and text
    As you create your photo book, select a theme, followed
    by backgrounds and layouts for each page. Many layouts
    allow you to write captions for the photos, and some
    supply room for text.

4  classroom, team, and club pages
    You might want to let the kids design their own pages-for
    classrooms, clubs, and teams. If your school is small,
    you can give individual students pages of their own.

5  ideas for extras
    Yearbooks aren't the only way to have fun with school
    photos. You can also create stickers, notepads, and note
    cards-and offer them to students alongside their yearbooks.
    create stickers, notepads, and note cards

great fundraising ideas

With Snapfish, there are countless ways to raise money for your school. The kids can play an active role-and because photo creations don't involve junk food, they're healthy as well as fun!

Have a talented parent photographer take candid shots of the students in class, on the playing field, and in performances. Or invite students to submit their own photos. Assemble the best photos into a calendar, and sell the calendar at school events.
create a calendar.

photo books
Technology Specialist K. DeBoer of Grand Rapids, Michigan helped her students create a photo book for their school auction. "I accompanied my students on a field trip where they studied the stained glass windows of our downtown. We took pictures of the windows and described them. Then we used Snapfish to create a photo book and donated it to the school auction. The children got to be published authors and photographers."
create a photo book.

recipe books
School recipe books create community and raise money at the same time. Ask students and parents to submit their favorite recipes with photos of the completed dishes. Then publish the recipes and photos into a book and sell it at school events.
create a recipe book.

Invite students to submit photos that represent your school, or ask them to take photos illustrating a theme. (Examples: community, holidays, American history, and world cultures). Order posters of the best photos, and sell them at school events.
create a poster.

classroom ideas

Invite your students to become published writers, photographers, and artists by incorporating these ideas into your curriculum.

decorate the classroom
Poster prints are perfect for classroom décor. Invite parents (or students) to take candid shots of the students in class, working on a project, or performing in a show. Then make poster prints and hang them in the classroom or the halls.
order poster prints.

Ask students to write and illustrate short stories. Photograph their illustrations and upload the photographs to Snapfish. Then publish the stories in a photo book. Invite parents to attend a special class reading.
publish storybooks.

family trees
Have your students create family trees. First, they'll photograph and interview family members. (Family in other cities can upload photos to a group room.) Then they'll write a short biography of each member. Publish the family trees in a photo book.
create family trees.

classroom magazine
You can use Snapfish's photo book tools to create a classroom magazine. For example, assemble a Science Fair Magazine by publishing a summary of each student's project next to 1-3 photographs of the student's work.
create a magazine.

student portfolios
Throughout the year, photograph projects and presentations. At the end of the semester or year, students can assemble their photographs into a book, with captions and text entries to describe the photos and include written work.
create a portfolio.

local history
Have students research local landmarks, photograph them, and write a report on their history and significance. Each student can publish his or her photos and report in a photo book.
create a photo book.

oral history
Ask each student to find a person whose life has intersected with a major historical event: a war, the Civil Rights movement, etc. Invite the students to interview and photograph their subjects and then create a photo book to publish the story.
publish an oral history.

Invite each student to write a biography of someone they know. Students should take photos of their subject and upload existing photos to a Snapfish account. Then, students can create photo books to publish their biographies. ( Or students can use the same process to publish their autobiographies.)
publish a biography.

architecture guide
Ask students to research the architecture in your city or town. Each student should focus on a particular architect or style, photograph buildings and details of buildings, and write up their findings. Then, students can publish their reports in a photo book.
publish a book on local architecture.

nature guide
As a class, take a walking field trip in the area around your school, photographing the natural life. Then have students identify and research their findings to write entries for a nature guide. Publish your guide in a photo book.
publish a nature guide.

great ideas for all ages
School projects are a cinch with Snapfish, where there are plenty of ways to share photos, create projects, and publish student work. Parents and teachers all over the country are using Snapfish in their schools. Lots of these great ideas come from them.