10 Questions with the Snapfish Squad: Meet Alena, Lead Designer Diva!

Meet the people behind the photo goodies that fill your homes with smiles. We are passionate about fun, creative ways to make your one-of-a-kind photography shine. You love photos, we love photos, so let’s talk shop!

 Name: Alena

 Title: Lead Designer

 Mission in one sentence: Provide our customers with unique product designs to showcase their memories.

 Years at Snapfish: Just had my one-year anniversary!

 1. In 3 words, how do you feel when you see your photos in print?

Excited, nostalgic, happy—all the feels! I love reminiscing and sharing memories.

 2. How many photos are on your camera roll, right now?

You caught me right after a sync day: only 70! I like to back up my photos at least twice a month, keeps my mind at ease and also frees up space for even MORE photos!

3. Which photographer inspires you and why?

So many images inspire me every day but I’ll say Ansel Adams. When I was a kid my family had an Ansel Adams print in our house, and it was one of the first images to get me thinking about photography and art.

4. What is one thing about you that your coworkers don’t know?

My all-time favorite song is Champagne Supernova by Oasis. They probably think I just listen to *NSYNC allll the time. 😉

5. What is your favorite thing/person/place to photograph?

My cat Moo! Girl knows how to pose.

6. What is one insider Snapfish creation tip you swear by?

Use the photo borders now available in our photo books. They come in lots of color options and are a simple, easy way to enhance and complement any design!

7. Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram, definitely!

8. What Snapfish photo gift would you give to whom and why?

Personalized stationery for my lady (or gentleman) friends. Everyone feels special when they get snail mail! And it just so happens that we have some fresh new designs. (You’re welcome.) 😉

9. What new Snapfish product/feature are you most excited about?

The Everyday Canvas Tote! It’s cute, perfect for books, AND affordable.

10.  Why will printed photos never go out of style?

Because they totally rock! And because people love to curate and preserve their memories. The experience of viewing printed photos with family and friends as opposed to photos on screen is much more intimate and enjoyable. Plus, hanging your fave photos is a great way to make your space special!

10 Questions with the Snapfish Squad: Meet Alena, Lead Designer Diva!

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