4 Photo Book Designs to Thank a Favorite Teacher

Create one-of-a-kind thank you teacher year books with Snapfish

What could be more heartfelt than showing gratitude to your favorite teacher through a personalized photo book?

To get you going, we’ve curated a list of the loveliest and easiest to create Thank You Teacher photo book designs. These will melt their hearts and are the perfect way to say your goodbyes on the last day of school. For the ideal present pairing, remember to include a personalized Thank You card.

Step 1: Choose The Perfect Photo Book Design For Teacher

Choose one of our personalized Teacher photo book designs.
A thank you teacher photo book with collage images of children and their teacher presented on a light blue surface
Create the Bold Shapes Photo Book design
Create a collage photo book showcasing special teacher and classmate moments throughout the year.
An open and a closed photo book with images of smiling children and their teacher presented on a pink surface with roses
Create the Family Chalkboard Photo Book design
Create a compilation of pupil pictures with their individual messages of best wishes to the teacher.

The text style can be changed to suit each pupil’s picture and comment.

A thank you teacher photo book with images of children in a sport contest and text 'Best day ever'
Create the Bold Type Photo Book design
Showcase pictures of your fun school events such as school plays, school trips and other fun moments.
Customize your Cap and Gown Photo Book design
Create the Bold Shapes design

Place your photos against bold color backgrounds to make your favorite Teacher memories pop.

This design is ideal when adding a smaller selection of different photos (so you can change the size and layout).

Step 2: Select the Best Teacher Photo Book Layout For Your Photos

Decide on the best photo layouts for your book and add photos. Read our tips below to mix and match photo book layouts.

Choose from a wide range of pre-built photo book designs

Using our intuitive photobook builder, you can easily amend the pre-defined layouts in your chosen book design using our auto shuffle functionality. By dragging, dropping and deleting your chosen photos, you will also be able to enlarge, shrink and rotate them as well.

Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to customize your photo book

Alter the standard picture layout, add text and also fun embellishments. Any messages from students can be included here along with their special pictures to make the photo book truly personal.

Change the front cover of your photo book easily with Snapfish photo book editing tools

You are also able to completely delete a photo book page design or elements in the design and add your own spin to the look of your book. Changing the font and color and also the way the text is presented is easy to do in the Snapfish Photo Book Builder. Just click on the yellow ‘Tips’ lightbulb at the top of the screen for easy to follow instructions.

Use our WYSIWYG online photo book builder to change the designs to suit

In the example above, both photo book designs have similar front covers, but the second image shows how you can customize the pre-built layout to suit your style. Here, we deleted the ‘Dad’ embellishment from the pre-built ‘Bold Shapes’ photo book template and added a text box using the fun ‘Linotype Cutter’ font to spell out “Thank You, Mrs Smith”.

You can also swap out the photo placements in your book designs to showcase one image across the double page spread, or even just to shuffle the photo locations on the page to create more of a collage feel in your photo book.

You can change the page designs throughout your photo book, in terms of color, layout, picture sizes and even background images. All of this can be done by clicking the ‘page option’ button at the top of the photo builder and selecting whether you want to apply the change to one or all of the pages. You can also drag and drop the pages to re-order them easily, as well as add/delete pages.

Step 3: Embellish Your Photo Book Design With Text And Clip Art Stickers

You can even add extra text and embellishments and change backgrounds to suit your style. You’ll find many of our favorite embellishments under Embellishments > School.

A selection of school embellishments from the Snapfish online builder

To find other embellishments in the image above, read on:
Embellishment > Alphabets

Embellishment> Basics > Hearts and stars

Embellishment> Basics > Phrases

Read our blog for more fun embellishment ideas and other Teacher Thank You gift ideas.

A selection of school embellishments from the Snapfish online builder

Step 4: Remember To Create A Thank You Teacher Card

Don’t forget your perfect Teacher Appreciation card, which you can make from scratch, with or without photo, using our pre-built design templates.

Two thank you teacher greeting cards shown on an office desk

Need help crafting your card message? We have you covered on how exactly to say “Thank You!”.

What did you gift your beloved teacher? Share it with us on social media! You can tag us with @snapfishUS in your photos on Instagram or Facebook or use the hashtag #snapfish. Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, too. Check out the Snapfish site for even more gift ideas that teachers will love.

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