9 Quick Gift Ideas for the Pet Lovers in Your Life

Check this easy idea off your present shopping list: Borrow a photo from a friend and make them a memorable personalised gift featuring the happy little furry face of their pets! Many thanks to our Instagram community for sharing these doggone cute photos.

1. Ready for their close-up 

Personalised Pet Photo Gifts

If you give your pet a camera, they’ll always hog the prints spotlight. Via @_grace.devine_

2. Cuddly calendars for all critters

Personalised Pet Photo Gifts

@bb_the_hedgehog loves muggin’ every month of the year in this photo calendar.

3. The Christmas card crew

Pet Photo Gifts

Elvis and Coco Bean will help you sign, seal, and deliver all your Christmas cards – for treats, of course. via @elvis_thefrenchbulldog

4. Showcase your show dogs

Personalised Pet Photo Gifts

@iheartmycorgi used our pet embellishments in this calendar – two paws up!

5. Game of cat and mouse

Pet Photo Gifts

Your cat will love hanging out with this mouse(mat) all day. Via @junipen2

6. A puppy pick-me-up

Pet Photo Gift

Koji tells his coffee-loving humans that they perk up his life with a photo mug. Via @koji_the_corgi

7. Get on the tech bandwagon

So cute, you want to put them in your pocket! Create a phone case so your fur babies can hang with you 24/7. Via @kristenhart1

8. Strike a pose 

Pet Photo Gifts

America’s Next Top Dog Model could definitely be in your pup’s future. Shop canvas prints.

9. Seeing double

Pet Photo Gift

If Rover can’t sleep in your bed, this doppelgänger cushion is the next best thing. Via @tank_n_tine

Shop all pet photo gifts!

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