Celebrate Cats, Dogs & All Pets for National Pet Month

Hardcover Photobook | Photo Keychain | 11oz Coffee Mug – “Beware Cute Dog”

If you’re anything like us, just the thought of your favorite furball inspires an instant feeling of joy and delight into your heart. Pets deserve recognition for all the love they bring into our lives so why not take a few minutes today and make something special for both of you? Take a look at these fun and easy-to-make pet gift ideas for you and your four-legged BFF (best fur friend) or anyone else you know with a BFF!

Cozy blankets and pillows for cuddling on the couch

Custom Throw Pillow | Plush Fleece Photo Blanket

What’s better than cozy time on the couch with your pet? For those chill moments, might we recommend you customize some soft blankets and pillows with your bestie’s face on them?

Sweet sippin’ with pet themed photo mugs

Celebrate Cats, Dogs & All Pets for National Pet Month
11oz Coffee mug – “Better Life Cat”

Lighten up your work day with an adorable coffee/tea mug personalized with photos of your pet.

Get art-y with pet portraits on your walls

Canvas Print – “Half Circles”

Level up your wall art display with a custom canvas print of your beloved pet. Mix and match framed photos and canvas prints of different sizes and orientation to show off your favorite pet portraits and candids.

Pocket pets printed on your phone covers

Phone Cases + Covers

Customize your very own pet phone case so you are never apart and can carry your pal around in your pocket all day long, wherever you go!

Keeper of keys

Photo Keychain

Similarly, you can take your BFF everywhere with a personalized keychain featuring their lovable pet faces.

Cute calendars printed with pet pictures

Celebrate Cats, Dogs & All Pets for National Pet Month
Wall Calendar “Wanderlust”

Make use of all of those photos of your pet throughout the changing seasons with a custom photo calendar featuring your favorite pet poses, which you can start at any month of the year!

Pet tales printed in a photo book

Celebrate Cats, Dogs & All Pets for National Pet Month
Hardcover Photobook

Tell your pet’s unique story with a gorgeous photo book. We have a wide range of sizes and finishes so you’ll definitely find the right book for your pet. We even have some great tips on how to make the most of your pet-themed photo book here.

Want to take better photos of your pet? Check out our helpful pro pet photography tips here.

Celebrate Cats, Dogs & All Pets for National Pet Month

Make unique gifts for the pet parents in your life or yourself with our wide (and irresistible) range of pet-themed design templates under ‘Family’. Easily amend and customize the premade layouts using pet-themed embellishments. To find more clip art (or create your very own designs), browse our selection of ‘Pet’ embellishments.

How will you celebrate your beloved pet for National Pet Month?

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