Blogger Buzz: Dresser Space Gallery Wall by Bubby and Bean

We challenged DIY bloggers to dive into the new Snapfish and bring their photos home in unexpected, beautiful ways. They totally knocked our socks off! Today, we’re sharing an excerpt from Melissa Williams of Bubby and Bean, who gave her bedroom dresser space a chic update with canvas art. We especially love how she chose three photos from three different trips and applied a black and white filter to tie them together!


Excerpt from Bubby and Bean:

For whatever reason (maybe because we’re the only ones who really see it?), our bedroom has been the most neglected room in the house when it comes to decor. We’ve slowly been adding bits and pieces (a new comforter here, a picture there), but it’s been a several year process. Things finally started to look finished toward the end of last year, with one exception – the dresser area. Although we’d replaced the two mismatched (and very dated) dressers we’d used for years with a simple black double dresser piece last year, the wall above it was empty and the only ‘decor’ on it was a basket full of Essley’s diapers. A couple of weeks ago I decided that it was finally time to update this space.


Travel is a big part of our life, and I thought it would be cool to incorporate photos from our travels into the redesign. I knew that Snapfish had just launched a new version of their site that offers a ton of different ideas for bringing photos into the home, so I started the project by browsing all of their home decor products. I absolutely loved the look of their canvas prints, and had a vision of getting several canvas prints made from black and white travel photos and using them as the focal point for the space. The next task was choosing which images to use. Robbie and I both hold a special place in our hearts for the southwest, so I decided to use photos from three different Arizona trips we’d taken: one of a Saguaro cactus outside of Scottsdale, one of Sedona, and one of the Grand Canyon.

Read Melissa’s full blog post to see how she pulled this classy space together!

All photos via Bubby and Bean.

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