How to Capture Picture-Perfect Instagrams: Frame Up Your Photo

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to Instagram – everyone? Ok, good, so it’s not just us. Whether you’re a newbie to the ‘gram or quite the pro, we’re here to help shed some light on how to achieve those picture-perfect kid/latte/brunch Instagrams. Let’s explore the easiest means to document your every busy day, with the camera in your pocket—on your smart phone. Check back each week for a new tip!

Tip 1: Frame up your photo

When composing your shot, use the rule of thirds to attract the eye and move circularly throughout the action within that frame. Consider the use of negative space to emphasize certain areas of focus – it can really add to the visual impact of a scene!

Once you upload your pic into Instagram, test out the new in-app layout options. You have the power to decide which format best shows off your photo: portrait, landscape, or the classic square!

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