Ingenious, Customised & Attainable New Year’s Resolutions

cards and stationery on work desk

It’s still a time-honored tradition to create a few New Year’s resolutions before the end of the year, so why not take the opportunity to focus on your health, both physical and mental? Luckily, we’ve got a handy list of resolutions ideas ready to go, including achievable ones that will surely usher in the peace of mind we’re all hoping for in 2022.

Reduce Screen Time & Be More Mindful

puzzle cards. playing cards and journal next to tea

There’s nothing like a new personalized notebook to jumpstart a new creative journey. Taking the time to journal (even if it’s only for a few minutes) has proven psychological benefits. A good ol’ game of cards and custom photo puzzles are other great ways to spend more time away from the screens (and savor time with the family or friends). Customize your very own beautiful notebook, deck of cards, and picture puzzles here.

Do Your Part

two travel mugs printed with photos on shelf

Avoid unnecessary, disposable water bottles and reduce waste by customizing travel mugs and metal water bottles for yourself and the family. Going green and adopting more earth-friendly habits is one of the best resolutions you can add to your list for next year. The best part? You can customize your travel mug in mere minutes with your favorite photos or one of our lovely templates.

Get Cooking

cook book photo book with bakeware

Now is the perfect time to gather up beloved family recipes from your parents or grandparents and put those into a custom recipe photo book. You could even go further and make these recipes with their creators or with the kids, take plenty of photos and use those for your family recipe book. Or, just create a book for your own favorite recipes, wherever they may come from. Throw in a personalized glass cutting board and give your kitchen a new lease on life!

Try a New Hobby

photo book in front of old framed photos

Whether it’s finally making the most of your kitchen and learning to cook for yourself or documenting family history, there are many healthy endeavors for you to embark upon in the new year. Browse the Internet for yummy recipes you’d love to try or collect recipes from the family and create a stunning photo recipe book. Scan or print old family photos for a DIY family tree photo book or simply frame the prints and give them the treatment they deserve.

Freshen Up Your Home & Office

canvas prints over dining table

When it comes to wonderful ways to display your best photos and favorite memories, look no further than our custom home and office decor ideas. Think versatile photo tiles and canvas prints for quick and easy (yet stunning) decor updates.

Tackle That Pile of Kids’ Art

living room decorated with kid's wall art and acrylic prints

Scan or take photos of all of their precious, adorable art projects and turn your pictures into lovely canvas prints, framed prints, photo tiles, glass photo prints or photo books you’ll treasure for years to come.

Get That Heart Rate Up

beach towel, water bottle, and note book in gym setting

This one’s a classic resolution for good reason. Prioritizing physical health is important at any age and benefits the entire family. Customize beach towels and hooded sweatshirts for increased pool, gym, sports and jogging/hiking time. You can also personalize a notebook to help track your progress throughout the year and make note of your achievements. (And don’t forget about your must-have custom re-usable water bottle.) You’ve got this!

A Good Night’s Rest

pillows and blankets piled on a cozy bed

Making your bed will feel much more fun with a custom soft blanket and cute pillows printed with pictures of your favorite people and moments. It’s a great way to make your sleeping area feel extra cozy during the colder months, too!

Stay in Touch

cards and stationery on work desk

Reaching out in a sincere way should be at the top of everyone’s resolutions list. Thankfully, our personalized greeting cards and stationery are so easy to make your own and customize for different types of people in your life. Whether you’re looking to send something formal, romantic, playful or chic, we’ve got the appropriate designs and templates for your heartfelt messages.

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