Get Creative! Transform Kids Art into a Personalized Poster Print

The summer vacations are nearly here, and we’re sure that throughout the school year you’ve managed to accumulate an impressive collection of kids art. Rather than allowing the artwork to pile up, get organized and do something creative with your kids masterpieces. Follow our 5 simple steps to turn your kids favorite drawings into a personalized poster print.

1. Clear up the paper clutter and create digital copies of the artwork. You can do this by scanning or taking photos with your camera. If you’re photographing the drawings, then snap them in a well lit area and try and take them from a bird’s eye perspective.

Kids Art Personalised Poster Print

2. Upload your photos to Snapfish, and begin creating your wall art masterpiece. We’ve created a poster print, but you could also turn your kids art into a personalized canvas print, wooden wall panel, or calendar, the possibilities are endless.

3. Choose your poster size, orientation and layout. Fit a year’s worth of artwork on one poster by taking advantage of the collage layouts.

Kids Art Personalised Poster Print

4. If you find a layout you like, but want to make a few tweaks you can edit your layout. We increased the size of the photo slots, so the artwork covers more of the poster.

Kids Art Personalised Poster Print

5.  Drag and drop your photos into the photo slots. Mix up the artwork for a colorful display.

We chose to keep things simple, so the focus is on the artwork. We added a small line of text, but you could go crazy with background and embellishments.

Kids Art Personalised Poster Print

The final product! A fun personalized poster that your kid will be proud to hang in their room. 

Kids Art Personalised Poster Print

Personalized Poster Print – from $9.99

Kids Art Personalised Wall Art Panel

11×14 Wooden Wall Panel – just $59.99

Kids Art Personalised Canvas Print

Personalized Canvas Print – from $39.99

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