Pregnancy + baby announcements you’ll go gaga over!

Baby girl birth announcement surrounded by toy blocks reading "BABY GIRL"

Whether it’s your first bundle of joy or an extra addition to your existing family, you’re no doubt excited to share the news of your pregnancy + new baby with friends, family, and everyone you know. While some parents have defaulted to phone calls and social media blasts to spread the word, it’s nice to slow things down and commemorate this special moment with a keepsake announcement card. Besides, who doesn’t want to receive an adorable baby photo in the mail? So, if you’re looking for something unique + exclusive for your little one, we just know you’re going to love these trending announcement styles.

Four celestial-inspired designs for baby and birth announcements from Snapfish

Love from above

One of the bigger trends we’re seeing is celestial-inspired baby announcements that feature suns, moons, stars, and clouds. Some cards even come with your choice of metallic gold, silver, and rose gold embossed foil that makes them shine extra bright. If you’re wanting to snag this look for your baby announcements, we suggest checking out In The Clouds, To The Moon, Twinkle Twinkle, and Our Sunshine.

3 different baby announcements laying on a table

Marvelous monochrome

Since some parents like to match their baby announcements to their nursery décor, the monochromatic trend has really taken off. If you’re a fan of this bold black + white style, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our Painted Pattern, Welcome Frame, or Welcome Birth Announcement cards. Feel free to add in a pop of color with baby’s outfit, or go all in on this elegant theme by using a black + white photo of your baby.

Simple botanical pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, and thank you cards


Nature lovers will have no problem finding plant-based elements throughout our baby and pregnancy announcements. The classics, like wreaths, greenery, and floral frames, never go out of style. If you would like a full suite of matching announcements, invitations, and thank you cards check out our elegant Baby Etiquette design that showcases your baby’s monogram with laurel leaves.

Two birth announcements featuring botanical and floral designs

For something more colorful, try our Delicate Florals announcement with bright petals and embossed foil features. Another card that beautifully incorporates embossed foil and lush green leaves is our Beautiful As Can Be announcement.

Three birth announcement cards featuring sweet baby photos and adorable icons

Iconic elements

Want to share your baby’s essential information in a fun, visually appealing way? Choose a design that embraces symbols + icons, which you can find on our Weighing In, Iconic Baby Stats, or Little Man Icons cards. If you’re looking for something with foil flair, you can also try out our Announcing Our Newest Member or Look Who’s Here announcement.

What to include

Now that you have a design picked out, you’ll have to decide which details to incorporate. A typical baby announcement includes:

  • Baby’s Full Name
  • Baby’s Birth Date
  • Baby’s Weight + Length
  • Parent + Sibling Names

Depending on your comfort level you can also share grandparents’ names, birthplace, and baby registry. Don’t forget to include a short + sweet sentiment! Stick with a style that suits your family’s personality, whether that’s traditional, humorous, or something in between.

Formal: “We’re happy to announce the arrival of…”

Funny: “The snuggle is real! Say hello the newest member of our cuddle crew.”

Religious: “Heaven has sent us an angel.”

Twins: “Double the trouble, double the fun!”

Adoption: “We welcome into our hearts and into our home…”

White t-shirt reading "only child" crossed out with "big brother" underneath

Cute + creative

If you want to create an extra-special pregnancy announcement for family members, try personalizing a photo gift that they can cherish forever. We’ve seen some cute custom t-shirt ideas that would be great for babies, toddlers, older siblings, the father-to-be, and grandparents.

For the older siblings, customize their t-shirt with text that reads, “Only Child” crossed out and replaced with “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” below. You could also just cross out “only” and replace it with “oldest” above! For the father-to-be, customize his t-shirt with the phrase “My jokes are officially dad jokes”. Want a funny baby onesie idea that’s inspired by quarantine? Create a onesie that says, “Proof that my parents did not social distance”.

Looking to surprise the soon-to-be grandparents in a big way? Personalize a photo puzzle with your baby’s sonogram and invite them over for game night. Once they’ve put all the pieces together, you’ll have something very special to celebrate.

Another fun reveal would be to customize one of our magic mugs that starts off black and only shows the image underneath when warm liquid is poured in. Make one for each of the grandparents with messages like “Only the best moms get promoted to GRANDMA” or “Promoted to Grandpa 2021”.

Which announcement style do you think you’ll end up going with? We’d love to see your custom creations (and cute babies) when they’re done! Feel free to tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your photos or use the hashtag #snapfish. You can also follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, too!