5 Memorable Photo Gifts for Mom You Can Make in Minutes

Not all superheroes (or superheroines) wear capes. Just look at mom. She is selfless, kind, caring, fearless…..: There aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary to do her justice. She’s always been there for you – and in 2020, Sunday 10th May is her day. Why not give her a thoughtful & personalized photo gift she can cherish forever? What about Photo Gifts for Mum?

Years of sweat and tears to help you become the person you are today. She’s too good for gas station flowers. Chocolates might not go down to well because she’s “watching her figure” (her words, not ours!).

So, what should you get for the number one woman in your life this Mother’s Day?

Gifts for Mom

You know what Mom’s are like, they love to reminisce and relive the ‘good times’. Family vacations, days out when you were young, school plays and birthdays – many happy memories that can be used to form the foundations for the perfect present for her.

Here are 5 gifts you can create either on the website or in our free photo app within minutes – and Mom will love them!

1. A Hug in a Photo Mug

1. A Hug in a Photo Mug
Personalized Photo Mugs

Most Moms love a brew, don’t they? Becoming a cuppa connoisseur is pretty much part and parcel of Motherhood. When you go round to Mom’s to visit, “Do you want a cuppa?” is usually the first thing she says after the usual initial niceties.

Give Mom a hug in a mug this Mother’s Day with one of our personalized Photo Mugs. She can sip her hot drink in style with one of our new insulated Coffee Mugs, or have something to make her smile on a Monday morning with a Magic Mug.

You can create the perfect photo mug (or non photo mug – you don’t even need photos), on the website using our many designs, layouts and embellishments. Or, if time is not on your side, you can create a unique photo mug on the go, using our free photo app.

2. Fabulous Photo Book

2. Fabulous Photo Book
Photo Book

Create a Photo Book for your Mom or Grandma in a matter of minutes on either the website or our free photo app. Just upload the photos you’d like to use, and let our clever Autofill feature do the hard work for you! It lays the photos out in the book according to the time the photo was taken, so you can just click “order now”, or you can get creative!

Available in a range of sizes, you can easily get Mum a Photo Book that will fit in her handbag, or take pride of place on her coffee table – perfect to flick through at book club or over coffee and cake with with friends or family.

TIP: Our best selling 8×11 Photo Books are perfect for coffee table browsing (and look great on the shelves), and we’ve also recently introduced a smaller 7×5 softcover portrait book size which makes the perfect “little something” gift.

3. Cute Canvas Print

3. Cute Canvas Print
Canvas Print

Photos of their kids and grandkids usually take pride of place in Mom’s and Grandma’s home. A cute new Canvas Print, that you can create on the Snapfish website or free photo app, would make the perfect centrepiece in Mom’s lounge, which she can show off to Janet & Mary when they come round for coffee and a slice of cake. Our new photo tiles make it easy for you to “go all out” and create an unforgettable gallery wall display all her friends will love. If you tire of a certain image (or have an “upgrade”), you can easily swap out the old tile for a new one.

4. Cozy Personalized Pillow

Personalized Pillows

Mum no doubt has a flawless scatter pillow arrangement on her couch at home. Now, imagine giving her a cozy Personalized Pillows featuring one of her favorite photos to add to her collection – she’d be over the moon!

Tip: Combine the pillows with a custom fleece blanket, to give Mum a cozy place to snuggle up in. You can create both in the app or website within minutes, and you don’t even need a photo!

5. Plush Framed Prints

5. Plush Framed Prints
Framed Print

You can’t really go wrong with a classic, classy Framed Print, can you? They look the part and are a bound to brighten up any room in Mom’s house. Choose from a range of table-top sizes (4×6, 5×7, 8×10), or push the boat out this Mother’s Day and order a Large 11×14 Framed Print for your wall.

View our full range of Mother’s Day Gifts here.

Please remember to tag us with @snapfishUS and #snapfish on photos of your Mother’s Day creations posted on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. We love seeing what you create.

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