Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day!

Golden retriever dog sitting in front of a fleece blanket over the back of a chair

If you haven’t heard yet, February 20th has been designated as National Love Your Pet Day. But every pet owner already knows that every day is a day to celebrate, honor, and love your pet pals! So as a proud pet parent, how can you show off your furballs with a little extra style? With some exclusive pet-inspired designs that would look great on home décor and more! Read on to see how you can create the paw-fect look for any space.

Pillows showcasing dog designs

Living room love

Do you spend a lot of quality time snuggled up on the sofa with your pet? Make those cuddle sessions super cozy with blankets + pillows! One of our favorite pillow designs is the Goodest Pet Pillow which features white paw prints against a neutral beige tone that would go well with any existing décor in your home. Just customize with a darling photo and add your pet’s name! If you’re in love with this look, you can order a matching blanket to go with it. Otherwise, we have 7 different pet-centric blanket designs to choose from, or you can always get creative and design your own. Pro tip: If you match the color of your pet’s fur to your accent pillows or throw blankets, it’ll be less obvious when they shed!

Lifestyle image of tabletop panels with cute cat photos

If you’d like to add a little pet pizazz to your coffee table or bookshelf, try one of our photo panels. For those looking for a fun feline design, you can’t go wrong with our Cats Meow photo panel, with its striking black border and your choice of bright blue or sunny yellow accents.

Wall art is another way you can pay homage to your darling doggie or cute kitten. Try creating your very own “petstagram” wall of fame with our photo tiles sets. The more photo tiles you buy, the easier it is to get creative with the layouts. One fun idea we’ve seen is putting the tiles in the shape of your pet’s initial!

Placemat being used as a feeding mat for dog

Kitchen cuties

Do you have a special place that you keep your pet’s food + water bowl? Most pet owners keep their pet’s dishes in the kitchen so it’s easy to clean up spills. To help alleviate mealtime messes we recommend putting a placemat underneath their bowls. Not just any old placemat though! Dress up their dinner time with a playful plaid pattern, available for your Plaid Cat or Plaid Dog.

Heart-shaped trivet and mug with dog photo

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not show off your love for your pet here with our Stone Heart Sign + Trivet? Our All Paws design would be a perfect homage to your furry friend. The design comes with the phrase “All you need is love and a dog” and two paw prints.

Dog designs for mugs

Heartwarming home office

We know, you’d rather be playing with your pet versus working. But hey, you need money to buy all those toys + treats! As a humorous reminder of why you’re working so hard, pour your morning coffee into our Better Life Cat or Better Life Dog mugs. Would you rather have a mug with your pet’s adorable face on it? With over 200 pet + animal designs we know you’ll find something to love.

Personalized mousepad with a photo of a cat wearing sunglasses

What’s an office essential that’s used every day but often overlooked? The trusty mousepad! It’s also one of the easiest ways you can brighten up your workspace. We recommend personalizing one of our pet-themed photo mousepads with a nice sunny snapshot of your furball.

Wall art, including calendars and photo tiles, all about dogs

Another must-have for your workspace? A calendar to stay organized and on-target! You’ll find two pet-themed calendars under our Specialty designs tab – A Dog’s Life and Total Purrfection. You can personalize each month with favorite snaps of your pet and highlight special dates with photos + text. It’s a great way to remember your pet’s birthday or their adoption anniversary!

Car coasters and a tote bag showing pet-inspired designs

Life on-the-go

Every pet parent knows there are a lot of accessories involved when traveling around town with their pet. If you’re going to carry around leashes, toys, treats, and who knows what else, you might as well carry it all in a stylish tote bag! Cat lovers will adore our Love & Cat tote, while dog owners will dig the Dog Thinks design. If you need a smaller bag for quick walks around the block, our Best Friends Paws canvas pouch is the perfect size. If you’re traveling around town in a car, make sure you also have car coasters for spills and messes! We know those darling doggies can’t hold back when a “puppuccino” is involved.

Image of man wearing a custom face mask that reads "Stay Pawsitive"

At Snapfish, we’re all about personalizing our every day, and face masks are still an essential part of daily life right now. If you’re going to have to carry extra face masks around town, you might as well make them cute + custom! That’s why we’ve created several pet-centric patterns we know animal lovers will adore. If you don’t own a cat or dog don’t worry, we also have bunny, bird, and turtle masks too!    

Find something fabulous to honor your fur baby? Share your custom critter creations with us! Make sure you tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your photos or use the hashtag #snapfish. You can also follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, too!