Celebrate Your Family History Beautifully With These Book Designs

a beautiful open photobook with vintage family photos

What could be more life-affirming than celebrating your family history through a personalized photo book? Savor the process of collecting photos and anecdotes from older relatives and then print out several copies to share with loved ones, near and far. (Trust us, they will be thrilled to receive their own copy!) To get you started, we’ve put together a list of four of the loveliest and simplest to create photo book designs perfect for honoring your family’s unique journey.

Step 1: Choose one of our photo book designs below.

a variety of photo books designs shown in the Snapfish online photo books builder

Step 2: Layouts. Just add photos. Read our tips below to mix and match photo book layouts.

steps how to amend photo books cover shown in the Snapfish online photo books builder

Using our intuitive photobook builder, you can easily amend the pre-defined layouts in your chosen photo book design using our auto shuffle functionality. By dragging, dropping and deleting your chosen photos, you will also be able to enlarge, shrink and rotate them, as well.

how to choose a different cover background for your photo book

You can easily manipulate the picture layout and add text. Messages from family and friends can be included in the photo album as scanned images or photographs.

adding embellishments and frames to your photos when creating a photo book

You can also change and move the photo box in the online builder to manipulate the design, as well as the font and style of writing. You also have the option of completely changing the design into something that better suits your taste.

There are options to change the background colors of your photo books, and you can also add colored frames to really make your pictures pop.

a display of all pages of a photo book in the Snapfish online builder

You can change the design of each photobook, in terms of color, layout, picture size and even background images. All of this can be done by clicking the ‘page option’ button at the top of the photo builder.

Step 3: Add text and embellishments, and change backgrounds.

a variety of embellishments available in the Snapfish online photo books builder

Read our blog for more ideas!

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