Easy 3-Step Storage DIY by The Crafted Life

We teamed up with Rachel Smith from The Crafted Life to share this bright DIY that will help you get organized for the New Year! With a little bit of paint, a few bamboo boxes, and your stellar photos, you’ll have a pretty (and productive!) office space in no time.


DIY excerpt from The Crafted Life:

Time: 15 minutes + dry time

Materials: bamboo boxes, matte spray paint, Snapfish 4×4 prints, clips


1. Take pics! First start by taking photos of the items you want to keep in your boxes. Try to gather your items into similar groups. For example, in my tape box I have everything from masking to washi. You can print your photos from Snapfish and they’ll mail them right to your door!


2. Add color! Customize your boxes with a touch of spray paint. It’s best to paint the boxes before you assemble them (if you’re getting them from Ikea). I gave mine two coats of matte paint.


3. Clip ’em! Once dry, clip your photo into place, fill with supplies and display on your shelf! The clips are great in case you ever want to swap out what’s inside the box. You could also use decoupage if you wanted a more permanent solution.


Thanks for sharing, Rachel! Check out the rest of her awesome office makeover tips and get craftin’!

Photos courtesy of The Crafted Life.