How to make the best 2022 calendar

A selection of personalized wall and table calendars displayed on a lovely mantle with candles

Ring in the New Year with a custom 2022 calendar made with Snapfish.

It’s so easy to make the best calendar using the Snapfish online calendar maker because you can truly customize it with your key events and special dates. With Snapfish, you can personalize a 2022 calendar for your kitchen, office, study, or anywhere else you need one. When you make a custom photo calendar, keeping track of all your important 2022 dates, such as dentist appointments, birthdays and holidays, is fun and easy!

personalized wall calendars, with customizable dates with photo and text

Creating a personalized calendar online is a cinch. All you need to do is choose your calendar style and design, upload photos and add important events to our pre-made calendar layouts. We’ll print it and deliver it straight to your door. Or, if time is of the essence, you can create an 8×10 single-sided calendar or 8.5×11 wall calendar and pick them up the same day, in your local CVS, Walgreens or Walmart stores.

What Types Of 2022 Calendars Does Snapfish Sell?

Wall Calendars

Before choosing your 2022 calendar, think where you’ll be using the calendar. A monthly wall planner is the best option for regular use and writing down daily notes in a high traffic area, while a table-top calendar could be the best for glancing at those key dates each month.

Snapfish offers a broad range of wall calendars and small wall calendars to put up in any room or office from the large 12×12 calendar to the smaller 8.5×11 calendar (which can also be created for same day in-store pick up).

Choose between our two wall calendar formats

Standard Wall Calendars (available as 8.5×11, 11x5x14 and 12×12), where the spiral bound calendar opens up to show a separate page for the monthly grid.

Premium Stationery Wall Calendars (available as 9×12), where the design is printed continuously from top to bottom and your photos are printed on a matte finish premium stationery cardstock.

Compare the different types of Snapfish wall calendars

Our wall calendars are printed on high quality paper or cardstock which means your calendar has a beautiful professional finish. To make the wall calendar your own, our pre-made calendar layouts have space to include a large photo for each month or you can create a unique photo layout on each page with all your best pictures. Don’t forget to include photos and text on important dates – for free – when you order one of our Wall Calendar options!

Table-top Calendars

desk calendar and wood block calendar with beautiful images of a couple shown on a table with candles and flowers

Our desk calendars (with standard or faux leather stands) and wood block easel calendars are suited for desks and hallways, where you want to see your favorite memories and just circle key dates to keep track of those special occasions. With Snapfish, it’s easy to make the perfect calendar online for your home, for the family, and the office.

Easel or Wood Block Calendars

Easel calendars, also called Wood Block Calendars, double as beautiful home decor for your shelves and coffee tables. With an easel calendar, each month is printed on thick, durable 120lb. recycled matte finish cardstock that you can customize with your personal photos and fun designs, and comes with a beautifully polished, caramel stained beech stand. Just circle those key 2022 dates so you can see everything at a quick glance.

Desk Calendars

Desk calendars are perfect for office or home desks. The Snapfish desk calendar is available with a standard or faux leather stand, and sits flat on the table top so you can easily see the calendar while you’re working and flip the month over when it’s time for a new month. Desk calendars make great at-a-glance calendars since you can simply highlight those key dates and flip through all those fond memories throughout the year.

Why create a custom calendar with Snapfish?

Our wall calendars come pre-loaded with the List Of 2022 National Holidays

If you’re looking to create a calendar with specific holidays, there may be other key dates you might want to add into your custom calendar. The main national holidays for 2022 are listed below.

Martin Luther King Day17th Jan 2022
Memorial Day30th May 2022
Independence Day4th Jul 2022
Labor Day5th Sep 2022
Veteran’s Day11th Nov 2022
Thanksgiving24th Nov 2022
Christmas Day25th Dec 2022

As well as listing the national holidays, your custom 2022 calendar might also show solstice and equinox dates as well as when the clocks change. Knowing these dates will make it easier to use your creative calendar for planning, gardening, and even help you remember when to change the kitchen clock!

Daylight Saving Time Starts (Clocks go forward)13th Mar, 2022
Spring Equinox20th Ma, 2022
Summer Solstice21st Jun, 2022
Fall Equinox23rd Sep, 2022
Daylight Saving Time Ends (Clocks go back)6th Nov, 2022
Winter Solstice21st Dec, 2022

Top selling designs for your personalised 2022 calendar

We have a wide range of calendar designs to suit your style and below are a few of our favorites.

Instagram Friendly Photo Calendar Layouts

The “Multi-photo Square” wall calendar design is perfect for printing all your favorite Instagram pictures.

Print your instagram photos into a custom calendar photo grid

Make Multi Photo Square Wall Calendar

Classy Chalkboard Calendar Backgrounds

The “Chalkboard Seasons” calendar design is perfect for when you want to achieve that minimalistic monochrome look in your home.

the month of February shown on a wall calendar printed on a stylish monochrome background

Design Chalkboard Seasons Calendar

Watercolor Sketchbook Calendar Layout

Add embellishments for a handcrafted effect, with design options from top to bottom. Personalize special dates with photos and text.

the month of July shown on a wall calendar with Watercolor Sketchbook design and customized special dates

Make Watercolor Sketchbook Calendar

Floral Calendar

This pretty botanical themed calendar design is lovely and will easily match feminine or bohemian home decor.

Colorful botanical themed calendar, personalized with photos and text

Make Illustrated Seasons Calendar

Colouring Book Calendar – perfect for kids

the month of December shown on a wall calendar which can be hand colored by kids and adults alike.

The Coloring Book photo calendar design allows you to get creative with all types of artistic media – crayons, colored pencils, markers, glitter, glue, feathers…your kids can go crazy.

Make Coloring Book Calendar

Design Your Own Calendar Design

Upload photos, select and customize the photo layout to suit. You can select different layouts, backgrounds or designs for each month. Make your own calendar design.

Create a custom calendar from scratch with the easy to use Snapfish calendar creation tools

Design your own custom calendar

How Do You Customize A Snapfish Calendar With Your Key Dates?

The Snapfish online calendar maker is easy to use. Firstly, select the calendar size and template you want, upload photos and then create a calendar. Our wall calendars have the main national holidays built into the calendar templates, but you can also add personal calendar dates when you create a Wall Calendar.

Tips For Choosing A 2022 Calendar

A creative wall calendar is a great family calendar since you can hang it up anywhere in the home and it has lots of space for writing key calendar details.

Alternatively, choose the functional desk calendar or stylish wood block calendar for people who can’t hang calendars on their wall, or like to have a table-top calendar close to where they work or relax.

Once you select your calendar type and theme, you can customize further using the online calendar design tools to swap layouts, backgrounds, text, and embellishments to suit your needs.

It's easy to change layouts from Snapfish online calendar builder

The best part of creating a 2022 calendar online is being able to ensure your photos are exactly where you want them on the page. Depending on the type of calendar you choose, you can use multiple photos on each page or a single photo to set the theme for the month. You don’t have to choose a standard year calendar if you don’t need one – you can choose to create an academic calendar (perfect for teachers or students) or start at a specific month if needed.

It's easy to change backgrounds using the Snapfish online calendar builder

Use the following tips below to create the best 2022 calendar for you and your family & friends this year.

  • Choose a month to view desk or wood block calendar if you don’t need writing space or specific events highlighted
  • Make each month special by selecting seasonal photos and backgrounds
  • Remember to take advantage of the free photo dates on Wall Calendars to highlight those important dates
  • Include all your favorite pictures so you can relive your best memories from last year, each month.

Whatever calendar type you create, have fun making it unique with pre-designed photo layouts and backgrounds that you can customize. Your calendar can showcase pictures of the family, pets, travel spots, kids, and many more memories and they also make the best holiday gifts for your family year after year!

Feeling inspired to create your own calendar? Please share your creations with us on social media! Just tag us with @snapfishus on Instagram or Facebook with photos or use the hashtag #snapfish. You can also follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, too!

Feeling inspired to create your own calendar? Please share your creations with us on social media! Just tag us with @snapfishus on Instagram or Facebook with photos or use the hashtag #snapfish. You can also follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, too!