New 2015 Holiday Card Trends + A Giveaway!

Design trends from watercolors to classic whites will be big players in the holiday card circuit this season. Take a look at some of our favorites, and be sure to enter our holiday cards giveaway at the bottom of the post!



We all went palm-crazy last season, and there’s no stopping us now! Berry accents, tropical stems, and peony clusters complete our botanical photo card collection this year. Tip: Wear simple, bright colors that don’t compete with the beautiful flora and fauna bordering your photo. Pictured: Elegant Berry | Shop all Botanicals


Colorful lettering and thick, bright stripes set the playful tone for this pop-tastic collection. Tip: All flat 5×7 stationery holiday cards feature back-of-card designs, so be sure to flip through them when browsing the collections! Pictured: Peace | Shop all Brights

Black & White

This twist on classic black and white takes flight in folksy, silhouetted patterns with an emphasis on playful script and foil-inspired accents. Tip: If you really want to commit, use a black and white photo to pull the whole look together! Pictured: Forest of Christmas Trees | Shop all Black & White


Show off your artistic side with jewel-toned palettes that are totally fridge-worthy. That watercolor and dip-dye trend you know and love now includes painterly brushstrokes and whimsical lettering! Tip: Designs come with multiple photo layouts, so don’t forget to check out your options in the card builder. Pictured: Merry and Bright | Shop all Painted

GIVEAWAY CONTEST >> Get your 2015 holiday cards on us! One lucky fan will win 100 holiday cards of his/her choice. Enter the contest by commenting on this blog post with your favorite card trend pictured above. Please use a current email address to comment so we can contact you if you win! Contest ends 11/24 at 11:59pm, and a winner will be selected and announced 11/25. Open to residents of the US only. Good luck! [UPDATE: Thank you to all who entered this contest! There were so many entries that we selected 3 winners. Winners have been selected and notified via email. If you didn’t win, never fear! Check out our great deals for Black Friday here:]


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  1. I’m in LOVE with the Elegant Berry Botanicals…..So Pretty. Snapfish thank you for making such pretty choices.

  2. I love them all, but I think black & white is classic for our family. This is the first year our baby Eloise will be on our Christmas cards, so we’re looking forward to sharing the joy she brings with our friends and family.

  3. I love the Merry Christmas in Botanicals!! I actually just bought our Christmas cards on Snapfish and wanted to use this one, but our picture was horizontal. So pretty – love picking out cards each year – Snapfish always has great choices!!

  4. Snapfish has really hit it out of the park with their botanicals cards this year; I really like those designs!

  5. I love all of the the above shown. But I think my favorite is the black and white with the Christmas Trees. Very cute and simple and doesn’t draw your attention away from the picture itself too much!

  6. I like the painted. They pick up all the fun colors of the season. But I also like the Black and White. They give a more dramatic effect.

  7. The Black & White is my favorite! It’s timeless and goes with everything. They are so pretty that they could be made into ornaments and hung on a silver or white tree in black, white, and silver frames! Merry Christmas!

  8. I like the Painted a lot. It’s unique, colorful and whimsical all at once. It would definitely stand out as a holiday card 🙂

  9. I love the brights collection! Super cheerful and modern at the same time. It’s perfect for our family pictures!

  10. I am loving the black and white ones. Can see myself using them for decorations as well.

  11. I’m in love with the Black and White! I’m amazed how you kept it classic, but also whimsy. Love love love!!!!!!!!

  12. It’s so hard to decide, but I think the black and white is almost my favorite! It’s nontraditional, but I love it.

  13. I like the idea of the Painted but the color choices are off (the greens..) and the big block of black with it is too drab. Depending on the photo I would go with the Brights or the Black & White.

  14. I order every year from you! Love all your products, but this year I think I will use the PAINTED CARDS! What a great new twist to the traditional Christmas Cards.

  15. It’s a toss up between Black & White and Painted. If I have to chose, I am going to Painted

  16. Hard to choose. Love them all and I have ordered your cards in the past. If I have to choose it’s between brights and black/white.

  17. I really like the botanicals and black and white options. I like a design that is “Christmasy” but not too busy that it distracts from my pictures/personalization.

  18. We can only chose one favorite?! that’s hard! 🙂 I love them all – but I would have to say the botanicals are my fave!

  19. I really like the Black & White. I was thinking to do a card with my black and white English Shepherd this year, and the tree design shown would probably work out really well.

  20. Though I’m not a fan of the particular cards shown (though they are beautiful) for my family’s Christmas card I like “simple”designs that allow the family picture to shine but add a little something special. I think that’s best accomplished with the B&W trend. I LOVE SO many of snapfish’s options!

  21. Whether Botanicals, Black and Whites, Painted or Bright,
    everything is just right! ❤️

  22. I think the brights is beautiful! It’s bold and doesn’t take too much away from the picture, but is so fun at the same time!!

  23. I like the painted collection – with the jewel tones, they could really compliment our family portraits taken with the vibrant fall foliage this year!

  24. i love the black and white designs. With a black & white picture it would give that old time nostalgic feeling. love it 🙂

  25. I LOVE the BLACK & WHITE!!!! I think they remind me of vintage photo’s and everyone loves things that look old….except maybe themselves…….very classic

  26. I love the black and white. We’re getting family photos done this Saturday and I will need to be getting some cards made ?

  27. I really like the painted with a black and white photo, I think it will make the contrast look nice.

  28. I really like the black and white cards. So classic. We love sending out Christmas photo cards to our family and friends. They love receiving the cards and seeing how much the family has changed from year to year.

  29. I adore the black and white! There is something so classy about black and white photos. It really adds to the vintage theme that is so popular right now.

  30. I love the bright colors and have used similar designs in previous years. I rely on Snapfish when making our cards since there is always a design to fit my needs for the occasion.

  31. I love the Botanicals card. Nice big open space for the family picture. Any picture would really match the elegant design. Most definitely will be ordering from snapfish again!!

  32. I love the Brights cards because the letters pop and add a little extra color without taking away from the picture!

  33. Hmmmm, we have to pick one? I really like the Black & White and the Botanicals but if I had to choose just one, it would be Black & White!

  34. I would choose the botanicals also. I always send special cards but I don’t have special stationery, A “diva senior” like me needs to win this prize.

  35. The black and white cards are so elegant!! I normally do not go with something like that but would now!!!

  36. I really really love the ( Painted ones) they remind me of my children and childhood. I know my daughters will love them and everyone else ?

  37. I LOVE the elegance of the Black and White. So many people get caught up in the colors, but black and white is timeless!

  38. I love the painted style! So hard to choose, though. The botanicals are definitely a close second.

  39. Painted and botanical are great additions this year. The artsy side in me is drawn to the painted but the botanicals match all of our photos :.)

  40. I like the Brights best but I have always been out there! Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. I absolutely love the black and white! It adds a dramatic flair compared to all the brightly colored cards typically used. It’s like the new rustic look but much more modern!

  42. I love the black and white card, it so perfect for winter you will feel the warm of Christmas and I really like the classic design fit in every occasions! Love snapfish designs …

  43. I love the brights! Nothing says holiday like bright and festive colors! Was hard to choose… Love all these designs!

  44. I love the painted, especially the watercolors! It’s artsy and whimiscial, but festive and fun!

  45. I absolutely love the brights and black and white!! I would pick between those two styles depending on the picture I was going to use!

  46. I love the black and white style! They are so elegant, clean, and stylish, yet have a bit of modernity!

  47. Love all the 2015 card designs but, my kiddos would look amazing with the “Merry & Bright” backdrop.

  48. They are all ridiculously gorgeous. But I love the painted styled cards. It a great fun and beaitiful option. Great for pictures with little ones!!

  49. I love the black and white cards! They would look beautiful with my one month old baby girl on them! ? we would love to win these for the holidays!

  50. I really love the Botanicals! They would be perfect for sending Christmas cards out with pictures of my newborn to family!

  51. I love the painted! I was actually looking at the “Merry and Bright” because I was wanting to use photos from our trip to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in NM 🙂

  52. I absolutely LOVE the painted card. I think its whimsical and child-like. It’s a perfect card to show the excitement children have for the Christmas season. 🙂

  53. Who doesn’t love a good ‘ole B+W photo and Christmas cards?! I love the monochromatic look!

  54. I love the black and white. In our Christmas picture, we are wearing black suits with white shirts and black ties for the boys and black and white dresses for the girls so the cards will work perfectly to complete the look!

  55. They are all great!!! My favorites are the botanicals and the black and white. I love the classic look of a back and white photo and background but my favorite is the botanicals.

  56. I like the painted trend, especially all the deep aquas. Although, I figure you need a text box to write on the back and have it visible.

  57. I love the simplicity of the black and white cards but the PEACE colorful photo card is soooo nice. I would choose the peace card.

  58. I can’t pick my favorite. I love them all. Snapfish always offers wonderful products and ideas.

  59. I would probably go with Brights! There are multiple I would choose based on the picture I selected for the card…they are all lovely!

  60. I like the soft look of the Painted Botanicals. I think it would look very interesting, also, with a black background and shiny berries that had a touch of gold or silver. Totally different bolder, elegant look.

  61. Oh how I adore the clean modern black and white Christmas Cards- my family would look just darling on them. Merry Christmas Snapfish!! ??❤️

  62. The Botanical collection is by far my favorite, but I also love some of the new trends shown in the painted line. Makes for a tough decision when it comes down to a single card!

  63. My favorite is DEFINITELY the black and white! It’s so classy and cute at the same time ?

  64. i like the painted looking ones.. bright colorful eye catching. you send those out to people and they hang them on the wall it wont matter if their friends know you or not theyre bound to look at the bright card hanging on the wall

  65. I love the classic black and white, especially because we would like our family pictures done in the snow this year!

  66. I love the black and white ones. Black and white it’s such a beautiful classic and seems to be perfect and peaceful for the holiday seasons. Something soft and flowing, melting the old with the new…always classy.

  67. Definitely LOVE the Botanicals…especially since I live on the ground of a nature center. Thanks for representing nature!

  68. I love the botanical one! The Painted is really cool, but I would have to see the different layouts paired with pics to get a real gauge.

  69. Love the Botanicals style. I would love to win since I have so many friends and family that love to receive cards from me and my family. We are very old fashion when it comes to Christmas 🙂

  70. I love love the Forest of Christmas Trees! The black & white give such a classy and timeless feel to the card.

  71. I like all of them but the black and white reminds me of old pictures of Christmas — one of which is me hiding my eyes from the flash. My brother and I (about 8 and 4 yrs, respectively) are both wearing pajamas with feet and sitting in front of a mantelpiece decorated with tissue paper that looks like bricks. We so loved Christmas — loved to make decorations and some of our presents. Make a snack for Santa. I really miss all that.

  72. Love the “Brights” Collection. Nothing like a burst of color to put you in the holiday spirit!

  73. Although painted is a close second, botanical is my fave! It has such a wonderful Christmas vibe. Usually I wouldnt even bother with Christmas cards….then along came a marriage and adorable kiddos!

  74. I always thought I’d have to get my family dressed in Christmas clothes for a Christmas card picture, but most of the ones I like above such as the PEACE style and Bright style, the kids in those and many others are in plain clothes and look great.

  75. the black and white is to die for! such a beautiful modern look on a classic card. is the perfect card, in my opinion ? ?

  76. So many choices and patterns love all the new designs and items offered. Kudos, Snapfish!!!

  77. Botanicals! These types of prints are typically seen during the spring and summer seasons so I love that they are added here to holiday cards. They add a little bit of nostalgia of the memories made throughout the year.

  78. Great Holiday project…making your personal Christmas Cards!
    And a great contest where they could be FREE…even better!
    I also happen to be partial to Snapfish!!! If you have not tried them,
    You definitely should! Love for Snapfish right here<3

  79. Hard to decide because they are all so pretty, but I have a picture in mind that would be perfect with the “Botanicals” design so I like that one the best!

  80. my favorites are the brights…but the black and white is classic (you just need the right picture)

  81. Love the new black and white style♥️ A little twist of unique is always up my alley ???

  82. The card would simply depend on the pic you’re using for the card! The brights are cheerful and festive, yet the black and white are a classic all time favorite! Snapfish does an awesome job by offering designs for all styles!

  83. I love the black and white, but I would add a red sticker of some sort on there, just to add a touch of flair and to be unique! 🙂

  84. Such a hard decision (the Painted is really cool), but I’ve got to go with the “classic” – Black and White!

  85. They all look great btw! But what drew my attention towards was the bright colors! Very fun and bright!

  86. I adore the painted cards!!! I love character and how you can bring that to this concept! Fantastic idea Snapfish!!!

  87. my oh my what a wonderful time of the year. trying to pick amongst is always hard. all are beautiful – my favorite in this moment might be brights!

  88. Nothing says holidays like Merry & Bright! And it’s definitely on this card that your merriest and brightest photo of the year should be placed. Way to go Snapfish!

    • My favorite card trend pictured is Pictured: Joy Overlay
      Folded Greeting Card, 5×7 on page 1. The joy stands out during this season, so enjoyable to look out.

  89. i really love them all,id have to say. Snapfish know what they are doing thats for sure.But if I have to pick one I’d say the PAINTED

  90. The botanicals are actually my favorite! To be able to border one of my pictures with something other than the regular border designs usually offered is something to look forward to!

  91. I LOVE everything about the Merry and Bright painted cards!! They bright that life and color into Christmas and the holiday season I feel we are sometimes lacking! So fun! <3

  92. Absolutely love them all-fun and creative way to express myself!! Snapfish never lets me down and have been a customer many years!!

  93. I personally like the painted cards the best. They give you the holiday feel without overpowering the picture you want to share.

  94. Love the “painted” and “botanicals”. Also like that the back has a design as well, not just plain ‘ol white!

  95. I LOVE the black and white! The black and white photo is perfect with the card. Now I have to practice my B&W photography!

  96. The painted card is just divine! I would use them all as they are so lovely and conveniently versatile.

  97. I love Snapfish Christmas cards I made!! They are cute and give you space to sign and personalize each card!

  98. I love the botanicals and the bright colors, even though I’m usually prone to stick with traditional shades for the holiday – just might change it up!

  99. I have been a loyal customer of Snapfish for at least 13 years. Love the peace card and it is very timely this year. Keep up the terrific colors of happiness.

  100. I absolutely LOVE the painted holiday cards! Love the use of such exquisite water based colors and painted looks of brush strokes on the card! Keep up the amazing designs.

  101. I really love the botanicals and the painted styles; an innovative twist on the more traditional Christmas styles . Having the back of the card in a color and pattern makes it all the more fun & interesting!

  102. Love the painted and black/white ones. Such great cards, it makes picking out my holiday cards a difficult decision!

  103. I’m torn between the brights and botanicals but think I’d pick the brights. Such fun colors there!

  104. I tried the Christmas cards for the first time this year. We absolutely loved them and would like to win this.

  105. love the brights! black and white are dramatic and beautiful but the brights capture the energy and enthusiasm of my growing kids. the hardest part of buying my snapfish cards every year is choosing from so many great options!

  106. I really like the botanicals as I love plants. It has a nice accent along the borders that would really compliment any photo.

  107. Wow, some are quite beautiful. I LOVE the enveloped for Merry and Bright, but I think I would have to choose PEACE as the one I like the best!

  108. The painted collection is great – it is nice to venture away from classic holiday red & green

  109. I agree with most of the comments that all the styles are fun and beautiful. I’m always a huge fan of black and whites. I find them to be timeless and elegant! However I am falling in love with anything that has the botanical style and feel to them as well! So if I have to pick just ONE it would be the botanical card this year. Great job design team. (And an early congrats to the lucky winner who gets the set of cards! Lucky!) 🙂

  110. It’s hard to pick just one of them as my favorite but I would have to choose Black & White!!

  111. I would love to do one of the black and whites. We have a new home with family history. It would be a great tribute to the generations who lived here before us and let every one know we have officially moved.

  112. I have made my Christmas cards every year for years past on snapfish always turn out great always get great comments on them I love all the new options

  113. I love them all!!! But if I have to choose only one it would bee the botanicals!!! Can’t wait to win!!!

  114. I love the brights, Peace, would be beautiful with the thick, hand cut letter look! Gorgeous card options!

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