Precious Metal Home Decor Ideas

How to create a stunning metal print with your pictures.

Metal photo prints showing collage picture layouts with text

Metal prints, also known as metal, metallic or aluminum photo panels, are modern tabletop or wall photographs printed onto sleek metal panels. These light-catching pieces can be hung or displayed in a living room, bedroom, home office or any other favorite spot in the house. Metal prints bring your photographs to life and make for a great conversation starter.

Check out our range of metal photo prints from 5×7 tabletop 8×10 tabletop or wall-mounted, to 11×14, 12×12, 16×20, 20×24 and 20×30 wall-mounted options. Any of these are sure to impress!

Why Choose A Metal Print?

Metal photo prints are modern, frameless tabletop prints

Snapfish metal photo panels use a frameless design; they are also scratch-resistant and waterproof, so you can display or hang it in your kitchen, bathroom, or even den, without worrying about damage or rust. Because of its durable material and professional finish, your custom metal art will look as new in twenty years as it did on the day it arrived!

Printed directly onto a high-quality, coated ‘dull’ aluminum surface which makes your photos pop, look clearer and more radiant than on a canvas print, where the ink soaks into the canvas material. They are perfect for high-contrast or black and white photos too.

Your printed metal panel will suffer from less glare than a framed piece of art or photo, since there is no glass for light to reflect from. We still recommend that you don’t place your metal print in direct sunlight, in order to reduce any possible fading on the image.

Things To Consider

Create tabletop collage print of photos on metal panel

Ideally, your photo should be of the highest resolution. This will allow your image to appear crisp and professional on the metal panel. Because the image is printed directly onto the material, a metal print becomes a permanent art piece. Unlike a traditional glass frame, you won’t be able to switch photos, so be more careful when choosing your image; pick one that you know you’ll cherish for years to come.

The stunning appearance of metal prints elevates any given photo from ordinary to extraordinary. If you’re looking for an art piece with longevity, style and personal meaning, consider designing your own metal print using our wide range of design templates and embellishments.

How To Display Your New Metal Wall Art:

Create stand-out wall art with large format metal photo panels

Consider the height of your furniture and ceilings when choosing where to hang your piece. Designers suggest art be hung at eye level to allow for easy viewing. This handy rule of thumb also ensures your art doesn’t end up too high or too low on a wall.

Simple and sleek metal photo print design layouts

When designing your wall art, choose photographs that are particularly beautiful and eye-catching. Choose action shots, candid shots and images with vivid colors.

Create unique metal photo prints with easy to create photo layouts

Consider the room in which you’ll be hanging your artwork. Choose a photo that matches the colors and feel of that space, such as the furniture and rugs, (or contrasts with in a stylish way).

Create gallery wall of pictures printed onto metal panels

Create a wall gallery to fill a blank wall and maximize your space. Gallery walls may incorporate several types of photos, but work best if there is an underlying theme or color scheme.

Metallic Photo Tile

Metallic Finish Photo Tiles Make It Easy To Update Your Walls With No Mess

Add a sleek, modern touch to your favorite memories with our new metallic finish foam tiles. With self-adhesive magnets for quick and simple installation, you can easily rearrange and swap out metallic photo tiles whenever you feel like changing up your decor!

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