#Snapfish Spotlight: We Love Your Prints!

We love perusing #Snapfish on Instagram and seeing your homes covered with prints of friendly faces, fluffy pals, and worldly travels. Check out some snaps that made our day, and try out these hashtags when your fabulous prints arrive!

@lamaleo’s handsome pup loves seeing his paws in print! #snapfish

@laurenshaw1 showcased her 21st birthday prints in a gorgeous frame to remember all the fabulous outfits and fun memories. #memories

@kill_me_meow used editing app VSCO Cam to perfect her oceanic prints. She displayed them in a large-scale collage frame so she’s always lounging seaside. #myhome

prints_blog_kbanderson13 copy

@kbanderson13 also used the VSCO app to capture her summer vacation prints. Next step: Scrapbooking! #adventureisoutthere

@kittyrose_x is one of many students we see take their friends to college and uni, no matter how many miles apart they are. #photowall

@blushandjelly is channeling creative juices into her Project Life scrapbook, which is a popular way to chronicle everyday happiness. #projectlife

Get your prints!