What should I write in a Valentine’s Day Card?

Whether you are sending Valentine’s greetings anonymously to someone in your class; to a love from afar, or to your significant other, it can be hard to find the right message to share your feelings of love with them.

Here at Snapfish, we have compiled a list of Valentine’s Day sentiment and love-themed words and phrases to make it easier to say “I love you”.

1. From a secret admirer

“A Secret Valentine has come your way. I’m pretty sure you have no clue who sent this today! Happy Valentine’s Day!”
“Can you figure it out? I want to be your Valentine. Who am I?”
“Happy Valentine’s Day. I think you are cute.”
“Sending you a big Valentine hug!”
“Love you to the moon and back, from ?!”
“U R 2 Cute! Be my Valentine?”
“It’s Valentine’s Day and I wish I was kissing you instead of missing you!”
“Cuddling you would be perfect right now. Will you be my Valentine?”

Handwritten Valentine's Day message in a card on a table
Folded Greeting Card “Lucky In Love”

2. First Valentines Day card for Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Gorgeous.”
“Wishing the bestest, happiest day to my forever Valentine.”
“Tonight is all ours. I can’t wait to celebrate with you.”
“You take my breath away. Always.”
“You have no idea how sexy you are.”
“So excited to be sharing our first Valentine’s Day together. I hope it’s the first of many…”
“On Valentine’s Day and on every day, next to you is my favorite place to be.”
“The longer we’re together, the closer we get. I am so happy we found each other.”
“You and me — it doesn’t get any better than us.”
“I wanted to get you some special Valentine treats, but I couldn’t find bacon-flavoured chocolates!”
“I may not be your first date, first kiss or first love, but I just want to be your last.”
“I don’t need a dozen red roses, a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates to feel romantic; I just need you.”
“I wish I could give you the world this Valentine’s Day. Will you settle for my heart?”

Disembodied hand writing a Valentine's Day message in a card
Folded Greeting Card “You’re My Cup of Tea”

3. Valentine’s Day sentiment for newly weds

“I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful [husband/wife/partner] than you.”
“My heart is all yours.”
“Thanks for being you and for wanting me.”
“I love all the adventures we’ve had together and will have in the future.”
“This is definitely be a kids-in-bed-early kind of night. XOXOXO”
“You’re sexy, sweet, strong and smart. I’m so glad you picked me!”
“Every time I’m with you, the room gets a whole lot hotter.”
“This card gives you one romantic dinner for two. Save room for afters — it’s me!”
“I’m still wearing the smile you gave me last night.”

Card with handwritten message lying open on a table
Valentine Day card

4. Telling your husband/ wife/ partner how much you love them still

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my love, my life, my heart. My forever Valentine.”
“From that first touch in the morning to our last kiss at night, I love everything we share.”
“Thank you for being the reason I look forward to every day.”
“Happy Valentine’s Day to the best husband / wife/ partner ever!”
“Thank you for making my world such an awesome place.”
“Happy Valentine’s Day — you’re my happily-ever-after, my forever love, and the hero of my heart. I love you.”
“You’re all that I ever hoped for in a husband/ wife/ partner, and nothing makes me happier than knowing we’re building a wonderful life together.”
“You’re my lover, my partner, my inspiration, my best friend, my one and only, my life. You’re my everything. I love you now and for always.”
“You’re everything I always wished for, better than I dreamed of, all I’ll ever need. Thank you for being you.”

Card with handwritten message lying open on a table with pen and flower buds
Valentine Day card

5. Valentine’s Day Quotes for the poets

“I love you everyday.. Hope you have the best Valentine’s Day filled with love.”
“Valentine’s Day is for celebrating love. You’re my love everyday, so today I will celebrate you. Here’s to the best husband / wife on Valentine’s Day!!!”
“Thank you for doing everything you do. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
“Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity for us to enjoy and love each other. I love you everyday, my special Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day, Husband/ Wife!”
“Will you be my Forever-Valentine? I love you, husband/ wife! Not just today, but everyday of the year I love you more than the last. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
“Everyday I fall more in love with you and this Valentine’s Day, I love you more than ever. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!”
“You’re my Valentine and always will be. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
“To my forever Valentine: I love you more than the moon and stars. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
“I love you more than everything. You mean the world to me and you’re the best husband / wife a girl / boy could have. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
“Happy Valentine’s Day, husband/ wife. I love the way we live and how we love each other. I’m wishing you a happy and love filled day this year and every year!”
“Celebrating Valentine’s Day with you is something that I look forward to every year. You mean the world to me and I wouldn’t want to share this day with anyone else!”
“I love you Valentine!”
“I’m so happy I’ve found someone to spend the rest of my Valentine’s Days with. You’re the best husband a woman/ best man a woman could have. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
“You’re the best thing I could ever ask for and I love you more everyday. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
“I love having you in my life and you’re the best thing in the world to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
“I love to celebrate our love on this special day of the year and I hope that you have the best day today. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
“Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you everyday. You’re my Valentine for the rest of our days!”
“I’m so glad I have YOU. I love you and I hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day.”

Card with handwritten message lying open on a table with rose
Valentine Day card

6. Write your own love message with Valentine’s themed words

A: Ablaze | Aching | Adore | Admire | Affection | Alluring | Amore | Angel | Attractive
B: Beautiful | Beguiling | Be Mine | Beloved | (Cupid’s) Bow & Arrow | Betrothed | Box of Chocolates | Beau | Bouquet |Boyfriend
C: Captivating | Charm | Cherish | Cherub | Chocolate | Courting | Crazy | Crush | Cupid | Cute | Caress | Captivate
D: Darling | Date | Dear | Desire | Devotion | Doves
E: Enchanting | Embrace | Enamored | Endearment | Exquisite | Enthral
F: Fervent |Fiancée/ Fiancé | Flame | Flirt | Flowers | Fondness | Forget-me-nots | Frisky
G: Girlfriend | Gardenia | Gorgeous | Glamorous | Good-looking | Goose – bumpy
H: Happy | Head over heels | Heart| Heartfelt| Heartthrob | Heavenly | Honey | Hug
I: Infatuated | Intended | Impassioned | In raptures | Incomparable | In love with
J: Juicy | Joyful
K: Kiss | Keen
L: Lascivious | Love | Lovable | Lovebirds | Lovesick | Luscious
M: Magical | Mesmerising | Moonstruck | Moon and back | Manly | Marry
N: Naughty | Nice | Now and forever | Nuzzle
O: On Cloud Nine | Over The Moon | Out of the ordinary
P: Passion |Pink | Pretty | Perfect | Pamper | Propose
Q: (All of a) Quiver
R: Red | Romance | Romantic | Rose | Ravishing | Resplendent
S: Saint Valentine | Secret admirer | Sentimental | Smitten | Suitor | Sweetheart | Sweet | Starry Eyed | Spellbinding | Sexy | Special | Smooch
T: Tenderness | True love | Tulips | Tempted | Treasured
U: Unrequited love | Unwavering | Unswerving
V: Valentine | Valentine’s Day | Violets | Value | Voyage
W: Wild about | Woo | Womanly | Willowy | Wed | Worship
X: X-rated | X-quisite | X-ceptional
Y: Yearning | Yummy
Z:Zealous | Zeal | Zestful | Zesty | Zany

Happy Endings

Having chosen the words to express your feelings, you don’t want to leave them hanging, so how do you err “end it” with well-meant feelings?

All my love,
Love you,
All yours,
Forever yours,
All my heart,
Always and forever,
Hugs and kisses,
Under your spell,
With all my love on Valentine’s Day and always,

Now you have the perfect Valentine’s Day sentiment, you need the perfect card design that amplifies your feelings of love. Here at Snapfish we have plenty of Valentine Day card designs to choose from, from cutesy photo designs, to heartfelt and whimsical non-photo love cards plus an array of Valentine’s photo card templates to celebrate all your love memories in a single card. You can even create the card of your dreams from scratch.

We love seeing what you produce.

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