Introducing Our New Cutting Boards!

If you cook or entertain at home, there will seldom be a dish you prepare that doesn’t require a cutting board. As arguably the most important tool in your kitchen, it should stand out! We’ve rounded up the most adorable customized Glass Cutting Boards from our favorite bloggers for creative inspiration to make your own.

Personalize a Special Occasion

Whether it’s a honeymoon, family trip, or a birthday party, Snapfish makes it easy to import your favorite photos from your Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos. We love how So Much Life used a picture she took on her Spanish honeymoon from her favorite winery to create this stunning cutting board.

“Snapfish made it so simple to make! I just uploaded a photo from my computer, added words (I chose La Rioja 2017) in a font that made me feel happy, and then I used their editing tools to brighten the photo a little bit.”

Someone’s Mum uploaded a charming picture of her kiddos to create a truly unique personalized gift and keepsake.

Healthy Little Vittles wanted to keep the memory of summer around all year, so she used this dazzling picture of lemons that she took to create the perfect summer-inspired cutting board.

“If this doesn’t set the perfect scene for summer, I don’t know what does…”

Pro Tip: For the eternal hostess, cutting boards can also double as serving boards and make excellent gifts!

Mix It Up

Want to get crafty? Mix your photos with your family name, your business logo, or inspirational quotes. The Glasgow Food Geek incorporated her super cute logo, while The Typical Mom added her name under one of our ready-made designs.

Embellish a Little or a Lot

With a variety of amazing and unique layouts, designs, and embellishments, it’s super easy to create a cutting board that will enhance your mealtime prep. Emilie Eats customized this adorable glass cutting board using fruit and vegetable embellishments in the product builder.

Are you ready to create your own personalized Glass Cutting Board for your home or as a gift to someone special?

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