Create Printable Halloween Treat Bag Toppers and Stickers!

The uber-sweet aroma of sugary goodness is in the air, which can only mean one thing: Halloween festivities are rapidly approaching! Everywhere you turn, stores are all a-buzz with their newest pumpkin-spice-flavored sweet. Every type of chocolate candy is now infused with that ubiquitous seasonal punch. And we eat it right up! Spread the pumpkin love in bite-sized servings sealed with a personalized touch. With a sprinkle of glitter and a few (toy) spiders you can turn our Halloween Printables into favor bag toppers and stickers.

Create Printable Halloween Treat Bag Toppers and Stickers!

Materials + Tools

  • gift bags in assorted styles
  • full sheet labels
  • white cardstock
  • Bottle Labels Printables (page 1) and Cupcake Topper Printables (page 1) from Snapfish
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Fine Glitter in Sterling
  • plastic spiders
  • fishing line
  • glue dots
  • stapler
  • scissors
  • paper cutter


1. First part is the fun part! Fill party bags with an assortment of candy and goodies – chocolates, sour gummies, candy corn, spider rings, pumpkin puzzles, the works.

2. Set rest of candy aside (for snacking, of course). Fold top of bag over once and secure with a few staples.

3. Enlarge Bottle Labels Printables (page 1) to 150% and print on cardstock. Cut to width of your party bag. Fold in half and crease. Secure with a single staple in the middle. (You’ll cover up that middle staple in a bit.)

4. Cut small pieces of fishing wire about 4” long. This will be your spider silk! Run a glue stick over and sprinkle with silver glitter. Do this over a piece of paper so that you can easily siphon the excess glitter back into the tube. Let dry.

5. Attach plastic spider to silk thread with a glue dot. Cut out the Cupcake Topper Printables. Peel off one sticker and secure the loose end of the silk to the bag. Angle the spider so that it looks like it is about to spin a web – the glue dot will still adhere to the bag!

Create Printable Halloween Treat Bag Toppers and Stickers!
Create Printable Halloween Treat Bag Toppers and Stickers!

Pop those cute favor bags into orange party bowls, candy corn buckets, and fill with excelsior stuffing to prop them up. Mix and match designs and candy so there is a variety for kids to swap and share!

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