Re-live the fun when School’s out!

Re-live the fun the kids have had these past months with personalized gifts, home decor and photo books. They make for great keepsakes to celebrate all of their many highlights and achievements. We’ve teamed up with some crafty bloggers to share how they’ve used Snapfish products to remember the school year in style.

1. An A+ Family

Plush Fleece Photo Blanket

Meghan produced a beautiful collage fleece blanket for her family.

Plush Fleece Photo Blanket

“Snapfish provided a way for us to have personalized and unique memories for us to celebrate the end of school in style. I cannot tell you how pumped up the kids were to see an actual blanket with their faces on it. It is well-loved in our house already and will always serve as a reminder of the time we cherished at home together all year being able to home-school!” – Meghan Joy Yancy

2. Art Class

Create a collage masterpiece of all their best (Kid’s Art) work like this collage acrylic photo panel or maybe a large poster print so you can update it regularly? It might inspire some more detailed drawings throughout the year to come?

Large Poster Print
Large Poster Print

“For children who create a lot of art work, this acrylic print would be great to display in their room, so they can see how their art develops over the years.  A great celebration of their schooling year through art from Snapfish!” – Monkey and Mouse 

3. Group Project

Create a year in review photo book of the things you do together, so you can look back in years to come.

Hardcover Book, 8×11
Hardcover Book, 8×11

My original intention was to just create a photo book full of the boys art work, but once I got started using Snapfish’s gorgeous photo book templates I found myself really inspired – and instead I ended up creating a book of memories of our first term of Home-Ed.

Everything about the process is so quick and straight forward, and the results were fantastic! The quality of the book is really impressive, and I know it’s going to be something we enjoy looking back on for years to come – in fact I fully intend to make a book to record our home ed journey each year!” – Sparkles and Stretchmarks 

4. Top Marks!

Collect all those certificates from school and combine with favorite art work for a truly unique photo blanket that will take pride of place on anyone’s bed!

Plush Fleece Photo Blanket

“ I think it’s a gorgeous, unique item that we can keep and will be cherished forever with special memories of Sienna’s first year at school. I can already picture us in a few years time looking back at it and comparing how much she has changed or how much her writing has improved.” – Lived With Love 

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We can’t wait to see what you’ll create! Tag us with @snapfishUS and #snapfish when you share your end of school year creations on Instagram.