Snapfish Superlatives: The Best In Graduation Photo Gifts

Pump up the pomp with photo gifts for friends, classmates, teachers, and anyone else who deserves a “Congrats!” on a successful school year. Straight from the yearbook club, here is the definitive list of our 2016 Snapfish Superlatives:


Joined at the hip: Prints and Magnets

Prints and Magnets have been BFFs since freshman year – inseparable!


Most likely to be found in the library: Photo Book

Only takes a break to snap a #shelfie. Thanks to Instagram fan @doreenshill for sharing!


Most likely to travel the world: Graduation Announcements

Brings good news and pats-on-the-back wherever it goes! Just add stamp.


Most likely to be caught texting: Phone Cases

“Your case is so cute.” “OMG, your case is so cute.” P.S. Find our Greek letters under Embellishments > School > Greek Life.


Most likely to be an Instagram celebrity: Large Prints

Always well liked. Find this Instagram layout in your project space under Designs > Basics > Everyday.


Best at mornings: Coffee Mug

Embraces early exams.


Most likely to crash on your couch: Pillows


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