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Now it's easy to create, share,
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Try the Snapfish App, get 100
free prints a month for one year!

Our new, improved Snapfish app is the easiest, fastest way to order prints and photo gifts from your iPhone, iPad, and Android. Now you can:

Snapfish Cards App

Now you can get the Christmas Card Deal on your iPhone or iPad with the new Snapfish Cards App! Our app even lets you personalize your cards with your signature.

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SocialPics App

Every photo tells a story: Share them all in a SocialPics Thread! Invite all your friends and family and let them share their photos as they happen. Enjoy everyone's photos, see them instantly, and share the fun. Available for iPhone. iPad coming soon!

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Martha Stewart CraftStudio

Now you can craft and order beautiful Snapfish cards and prints directly from the app! This latest version of Martha Stewart CraftStudio is free and includes stylish new design sets for just $1.99. Available for iPad.

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