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Design your ideal brag book with Snapfish

Are you searching for a unique and fashionable way to display your cherished family moments? Our user-friendly platform lets you create an outstanding brag book to share with your loved ones. But what is a brag book, and why choose Snapfish? A brag book is a collection of your proudest moments, accomplishments, and milestones. A brag book visually shows off your favorite family memories, from kid's birthdays to once-in-a-lifetime trip. These small books stand apart from the crowd and make a lasting impact. A brag book allows you to narrate your story in an engaging way, and in a compact form. This pocket-sized photo book lets you carry your favorite snapshots wherever you go. Personalized brag books are a great way for grandparents to show off the grandkids or for proud parents to share new baby photos.

Creating a brag book with Snapfish

With Snapfish, creating a personalized brag book that captures your favorite moments is effortless. Here are some tips:

  • Choosing the right format and design: Snapfish provides various designs to match your style. Whether you prefer a classic brag book photo album of your newborn or want to create travel memory books for all of your friends, we've got you covered. Choose a design that complements your photos and helps narrate your unique story.
  • Selecting the best photos: Choose photos that hold a special place in your heart. Include a mix of candid shots, posed photos, and close-ups to bring variety to your brag book. Create a matching mini brag book to go along with your other framed prints or vacation photos on your walls to have a handheld reminder of your best memories.
  • Personalizing your brag book: With Snapfish, you can add personalized captions to your photos and customize the layout of each page, creating a brag book or a book brag that truly reflects your personality.