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DIY Photo Cards

Design your own photo cards are the perfect way to express your own style as you connect in meaningful ways with loved ones. Be it a wedding anniversary, the birth of a baby, a graduation, or the simple gesture of friendship, any occasion is opportunity enough to create photo cards from scratch. These cards, designed your own way, invite heartfelt connection, allowing the sender to share cherished memories and sentiments in a tangible and enduring manner. Use your favorite design program, from Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to CorelDRAW, Sketch, Paint, Inkscape, or Canva, upload your creation, and order. It's that simple to create DIY photo cards at Snapfish—as magnet cards, seal-and-send-cards, notecards, foil cards, and more.

DIY Greeting Cards

Do it yourself greeting cards transcend mass-market and mass-produced offerings found in big box stores, offering you the opportunity to make unique, heartfelt greetings that mirror the uniqueness of your important relationships and emotional landscape. Once you upload your DIY greeting cards, with or without photo, to Snapfish, your card will be printed with the utmost care and quality, destined to become a keepsake for friend or family member. Whether designing a DIY birthday card, DIY wedding invitation, DIY thank you card, DIY condolence card, DIY Christmas card, DIY baby shower invitations, or any other announcement or invite, design your own cards from Snapfish embody authenticity and connection, both.