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Baby Shower Invitations

Organizing a baby shower for a special mom-to-be in your life is a tremendous responsibility and one made easier with unique baby shower invitations from Snapfish. We have the best baby shower invitations, including design templates for tea party or brunch showers, co-ed or couples or joint showers (sometimes called Jack and Jill showers), surprise or BBQ showers, twin or double or adopted baby showers, drive by and virtual showers (including long distance or Covid or pandemic-era showers), and gender reveal or gender neutral showers—all at affordable prices. So browse away and find the perfect baby shower invitations in our online store or even design your own from scratch. We have a plethora of styles and themes for every season in which your guest of honor is expecting, from winter to fall and spring to summer baby shower invitations. For those wondering when to send these custom invites, the answer is between 4 and 6 weeks before the event itself—in practice this generally means mailing your cards in the mom-to-be's 5th month of pregnancy, with showers typically taking place in the 6th or 7th month.

Girl Baby Shower Invitations

Our assortment of beautiful, girl-themed baby shower invitations is a sight to see. Certainly, you'll find pinks galore in these designs, along with polka dots, plaids, stripes, sprinkles, greenery, florals, and cute woodland baby shower invites, featuring raccoons, teddy bears, foxes, bunnies, and hedgehogs, to name but a few available creatures. You'll also see pink and blue balloons, onesies on a laundry line, stars and constellations in Zodiac-like shapes, storks, toucans, swans, and nautical baby shower invitations sporting sailboats, anchors, whales, crab, fish, and even mermaids. Some of our cards are illustrated with beautiful, pastel-colored macaroons and others with cute and colorful pacifiers and still others are accompanied by creative drawings of puffy clouds (a favorite, given the word "shower" in the event name) or southwestern cactuses, replete with pink and red flowers. Add a photo of the mom-to-be or go with a no-photo card design welcoming this beautiful baby into the world. Explore our assortment online for examples and sample girl baby shower invitations—all of them affordable.

Boy Baby Shower Invitations

Those expecting a baby boy will surely want to indulge in all that's available for boy baby shower invitations. From jungle or safari baby shower invites, including giraffes, elephants, alligators, zebras, lions, tigers, and other jungle cats to little prince invitations (yes, with crown and scepter for that royal air), you'll find something unique for the mom-to-be and her baby boy at Snapfish. We even have cute teddy bear baby shower invites and also a lil monster-style baby shower invitation for those anticipating having their hands full. Whether your desired party theme is tropical, farm, western, or fiesta, we have a custom design template for you. The same is true for those hoping for boho, modern, elegant, rustic, or vintage card styles—all at affordable prices. Planning for some adult drinks at your co-ed or or couples shower? Opt for our incomparable mimosa-themed (or Mom-osas, if you will) baby shower invitation. Along with brown bears, blue whales, and white onesies, you'll see a mustache-themed card with a celebration of the Little Man about to be born.

Custom Baby Shower Invites

Whether you're shopping for a fancy-feeling baby shower invitation—one with lace patterns, perhaps, or featuring delicate flowers or calligraphy-inspired fonts—or something casual and rustic, Snapfish has templates to match. Browse through our design examples—each a sample of what's possible—to spark your creativity and give you ideas as to what kind of baby shower invitation you'd like to make. Once you find the best card, make it unique to you, your expecting host, and her baby boy or girl by customizing it further. Go with a 5x7, 4x8, or 6x8 card, or perhaps even a baby shower invitation magnet—readymade for the refrigerator. Likewise, you can customize your teddy bear, elephant, or Mexican rooster-themed invite by changing the card color, font, font color, trim, and more. Then, personalize your invitation with the details of your event, including the name of the mom-to-be, the date, time, and location, the hosts' names, what might be served if there is food and drink planned, and RSVP and gift registry information. And don't forget to send cute baby shower thank you cards after the get-together.